Patriotic Memorial Scrapbook Ideas

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You are going to love these patriotic scrapbook ideas! Check out these memorial scrapbook ideas to gather family memories.

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Patriotic Scrapbook Ideas

Patriotic Memorial Scrapbook Ideas

Patriotic holidays have always been huge in my family. My Dad is a Veteran and retired from the Navy. So there were always parades he marched in and assemblies to attend. After that, we always got together for a family cookout.

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These memorial scrapbook ideas would work for both Memorial Day or July 4th or any time you had a patriotic-themed event or photographs that you wanted to scrapbook.

When I went over to my parents’ house for Memorial Day, both kids and their girlfriend/boyfriend were able to come as well. I took photographs with my iPhone of the kids, their dates, my parents, and Marty and I all standing in the same place.  

You are going to love these patriotic scrapbook ideas! Check out these memorial scrapbook ideas to gather family memories.

How do you make a memorial book?

I decided coming up with a scrapbook page for these photos would be a great way to save these memories rather than just letting the photos sit on my phone forever.

  • Go through your photos.
  • Create a structure
  • Consider the final design
  • Organize embellishments
  • Create a rough draft
  • Finalize the design

Patriotic Scrapbook Ideas

Best printer for scrapbook photos

Last month, I figured out how to get my phone to print to my Epson printer. So now I can print all the photos I take with my phone instead of leaving them there and forgetting about them. This layout would work just as well with traditional photos.

photos and scrapbook items on the table

How do you make a unique scrapbook?

I’m using the Stampin’ Up! Project Life Photo Pocket Pages to do all of my scrapbook projects. They let me use different-sized photographs and they are super easy to create.

It looks like I spend a lot more time creating them than I have to. You just slide the accessory cards and the photographs into the page slots and move them around until you like the layout.

There is no messy glue and no paper to cut – unless you really want to.

Patriotic Scrapbook Ideas

Best way to record memorial scrapbook ideas

The photos I printed out are 4″ x 6″, so this month, I used the 12×12 sheet with 4 of the large 4×6 slots. The cards I added were from the Stampin’ Up! Moments Like These Project Life Card Collection.

Then I used the Project Life Day To Day Photopolymer Stamp Set to add the date.

stamping up acrylic stamps

Then I used some homemade page flags that I had made for my planner along with some sticky embellishments I got from the dollar store. I turned cards that weren’t officially intended to be patriotic in nature into ones that would work with what I had in mind.

That’s what I love about Project Life by Stampin’ Up! It’s such a versatile way to preserve your photos. Check out all of the Project Life kits and accessories to choose from to get more memorial scrapbook ideas.

a scrapbook layout

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Patriotic Scrapbook Ideas for Stampin' Up! Project Life

If you’re not sure how to discuss patriotism with the kids, learn how to explain Memorial Day etiquette for a few ideas.

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  1. There was a time when my son was growing up that I just love to scrapbook.  But then it seemed like I had less and less time to do it until I finally just stopped altogether.  Now that he is grown and gone I think it would be a great time to go through my photos and make a few to pass on to him.  I love the idea of using the photo pocket pages.  What a time saver!!  Yours looks awesome and really has me inspired.
  2. Really nice professional looking pictures that you did! I like to make a Patriotic scrapbook and have it as a memory, especially a Father's Day one.
  3. That looks excellent! I love how the finished product turned out! Great memories and a nice way to remember them by!
  4. I have always heard about Stamping Up but never tried their products. Your scrap book page turned out great. I had no idea that you could print from your phone to a printer like that.
  5. My father is a veteran retired from the Air Force. This patriotic scrapbook is a great idea. Thank you for sharing this great craft idea.
  6. I really like this idea. I'm going to pass this information on to my brother. My nephew was in the Navy and I'm sure his Dad and Mom would love to make a Patriotic Scrapbook for him. Yours turned out terrific.
  7. I like those photo pocket pages, no need to glue them down and you know they will not be coming loose. Your pages look great!
  8. Wow they really turned out great! I love that they look pretty straightforward to make.My niece would absolutely love to make these.
  9. The options are endless with Stampin Up, I adore their products, but I need a push to get going again. Life has been too busy to keep up lately! I love where yours is going, I think he'll love it!

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