Simple Scrapbooking Ideas | Organizing Photos

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My kids are 17 and 21. I know. It’s hard for me to believe too. Yesterday I was searching for a photo from Halloween when they were little. I couldn’t find it. Right now, all of my photos are in a photo box. I’d like to say that they’re organized nicely but they aren’t. They’re sort of grouped by child but not by occasion or year or any other useful way of organizing photos. I’ve wanted to organize their photos in a scrapbook for years but, let’s be honest, I am not really good at big craft projects and 21 years of photos is BIG.

Simple Scrapbooking Ideas | Organizing Photos

Simple Scrapbooking Ideas | Organizing Photos

I’ve seen tons of gorgeous scrapbooking ideas where there are matching frames and backgrounds and ribbons and embellishments and it’s clear that whoever made the scrapbook page has spent hours (if not days) making it look that way. I’m not going to do that. I don’t have time. I may admire it but there is no way I’m doing it.

Organizing photos is still something I want to do so I found myself searching for simple scrapbooking ideas. I wanted a method that would allow me to organize my photos and display them nicely without it taking me hours or days or weeks to finish.

Simple Scrapbooking Ideas | Organizing Photos

I learned about this neat new (to me) way of scrapbooking called Project Life. Project Life is this cool way to organize your photos available through Stampin’ Up. Project Life is a simple scrapbooking solution that really works. The idea is that you can take all your memory stuff – photos, movie tickets, locks of hair, newspaper clippings, etc and organize them all without any cutting or glueing or embellishing. Everything slips into a pocket. It really is that easy.

I started with a Project Life Album in Black Leather and a few packages of the Project Life Photo Pages. The Variety Pack Photo Pages are 12″ x 12″ and there are a bunch of different sized pockets in each one. I really like that because lots of my photos and memory items are different size. Photos were a lot smaller back when the kids were tiny and I have wallet sized photos from school photograph sessions I want to add in as well. After you have the album and photo page basics, you can add in all sorts of fun things to personalize your photos.

Simple Scrapbooking Ideas | Organizing Photos

Since I’m working on Halloween and Thanksgiving photos right now, I started with the Seasonal Snapshot Project Life Accessory Pack and the Seasonal Snapshot Project Life Card Collection. The Card Collection has the cards and the Accessory Pack has printed specialty cards, sticker sheets, sequins, tape and badges.  I started with one photo page so I didn’t get overwhelmed.  I added my photos first so I knew which size pockets I absolutely had to have.  Then I filled in the extra pockets with different embellishments to pretty it up.

Simple Scrapbooking Ideas | Organizing Photos

You can really keep it as simple as you like. You can get stamps and stamp designs, add in twine, make envelopes and tags, create or add embellishments, etc. You can make it simple to start and then add in more when and if you have more time to work on it. That’s what makes this method of organizing photos so perfect for me. The photos are organized by page and I can continue to work on it as I have time or leave it as is. It’s gorgeous and easy to do and eventually I will mark organizing photos off my To Do List.

Simple Scrapbooking Ideas | Organizing Photos


Have you ever tried Project Life by Stampin’ Up?

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  1. How cute, I've never seen those before - this would be much easier than using the book pages, etc. and hoping they stick.  I'm a digital scrapbooker, but something like this would be great for a gift for family!! Shared it!!
    • Ellen Christian says
      Thanks, Jamie. I just cannot get the hang of doing it digitally :) I'm not a digital kind of girl. I really like these.
  2. Sharon Lopez says
    Hi! First of all Happy Halloween! This is really a wonderful idea of organizing photos. These are pretty things that we can whenever we have time.  Thank you for sharing these great ideas.
  3. Shauna Hartley-Lynn says
    This makes so much sense. I'm always struggling with the overwhelming number of pictures I have.
  4. Dawn Pruitt says
    Great ideas!  I like these products.
  5. I desperately need to organise my photos and this is a great idea! I have heard of Project Life before but didn't know much about it so this post has been great for me. Thanks for much for sharing and hosting the craft link up! #wonderfulwednesdaybloghop #janinehuldie

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