Gifts for a Gardener Mom

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If you’re looking for gifts for a gardener mom, check out these gardening gift ideas. They are perfect garden gifts for a passionate gardener.

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a Sunnydaze solar fountain in the garden

Gifts for a Gardener Mom

If your mom has a green thumb, there are lots of great gardening gifts for Mother’s Day that she’ll love. Mother’s Day is right at the beginning of our gardening season in Vermont.

That means I generally stop at our garden center and buy a few flats of spring flowers. I just love pansies. They are so colorful and happy. Of course, that means that I need to pick up a few gardening gifts for myself while I’m at it.

Sunnydaze has absolutely everything you need to buy your gardening mom. Check out their huge selection, and remember they have free shipping year-round!

Check out their site for everything you need, including hammocks, garden planters, and a solar fountain.

Here are a few flowers that need full sun she might enjoy.

If you're looking for gifts for a gardener mom, check out these gardening gift ideas. They are perfect garden gifts for a passionate gardener.

Gardening gifts for Mother’s Day

If you have a gardening mom, there are lots of unique gift ideas you can get her to beautify her outdoor space. Gardening is a wonderful hobby, and she’s sure to enjoy a few of these ideas.

Whether mom loves to grow veggies, shrubs, or perennials, here are a few gardening gifts for Mother’s Day she will appreciate.

You can get the kids together and make her a hand-painted pot with the kid’s handprints. That will be a wonderful way to remember them as they grow up.

Here are some great ideas for gardening gifts for Mother’s Day or any occasion. You can pick her up seeds, seedlings, or a flower to go along with these gardening gifts.

What to get a mom that loves gardening?

Gardening gloves – Every gardening mom needs a good pair of gloves. Look for gloves that are comfortable and offer good dexterity. It helps if they are super cute and have fun designs.

A nice set of gardening tools – A trowel, spade, and garden fork are basics that every gardener needs. Look for tools that are durable and have comfortable handles.

Favorite plants – If your mom loves a certain type of plant, you can never go wrong with getting her more. Ask the garden center what they recommend to help beautify her outdoor space or fill out her herb garden.

a bucket of gardening tools and a garden hat with gloves

Self-watering container – If your mom is busy or forgets to water her plants, a self-watering flower pot is a great solution. It will help keep her plants healthy and happy.

A subscription to a gardening magazine – A monthly dose of gardening inspiration is a perfect gift for a gardener mom. You can get her a magazine all about vegetables or one about flowers.

Houseplants – If your mom doesn’t have a green thumb, start with some easy to care for houseplants. Succulents are a great option. 

Watering can – A watering can would be a fun addition to your mom’s garden or a potting table. 

Potted herbs – A potted herb garden is a fresh addition to any house, and it’s easy to care for. Your mom will enjoy using these herbs in her cooking.
a wooden garden swing

Outdoor garden accents for mom

Create an entire outdoor area for mom to relax with all the options from Sunnydaze Decor. I’m sure that she’d love a firepit with some outdoor furniture so she could relax with families and friends. I love the outdoor firepits at Sunnydaze Decor. They have so many different styles that it’s sure to be exactly what Mom wants.

Back yard accent – A small accent piece for your mom’s backyard flower or vegetable gardens, like an outdoor fountain or birdbath, can add beauty and relaxation to her outdoor area. There is a whole section of solar fountains at Sunnydaze Decor that you can choose from.

Garden art – This is a beautiful way to add personality to a garden or yard. Look for sculptures, birdhouses, or wind chimes. There’s more to gardening than the plants you add to the soil.

A comfortable garden bench – A place to sit and enjoy the fruits of her labor is a wonderful gift for a gardener mom. Look for a bench that is durable and weather resistant. She can enjoy it during the summer when her garden work is done.

A raised garden bed – If your mom doesn’t have a lot of space outdoors, a raised garden bed is a great solution. It allows her to grow flowers or salad greens in a small space. Check these out at Sunnydaze Decor. Depending on what mom likes to grow, they would work great for both vegetables and flowers.

Unkillable houseplants that clean the air

Gardening gift ideas for indoor gardeners

She’s bound to enjoy a few of these gardening gifts for mom. These are gifts that she can enjoy all year, even in the winter.

  • Small pots for herbs or
  • Houseplants
  • A set of stainless steel gardening tools
  • An indoor grow light
  • A plant stand or windowsill planter
  • A subscription to a gardening magazine

Gardening gifts for outdoor gardeners

If your mom prefers to garden in the backyard, here are a few great gardening gifts for mom. Consider carefully which gift she would most appreciate. Then head to Sunnydaze Decor to see the whole section here.

  • Ceramic pots with drainage holes
  • Garden ornaments
  • A garden hose with a spray nozzle attachment
  • Gardening gloves
  • A pair of knee pads

If you're looking for gifts for a gardener mom, check out these gardening gift ideas. They are perfect garden gifts for a passionate gardener.

  • Basket of organic gardening fertilizers and soil amendments
  • A bird feeder or birdhouse
  • Hammock to relax in 

There are many great gardening gifts for Mother’s Day that you can get your mom. Whether she loves flowers, veggies, herbs, or houseplants, there is something perfect out there for her. You can find the perfect gift to make your gardening mom smile with a little thought and planning.

Start shopping today so it arrives in time.

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