Back to School Checklist for Parents

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Looking for a back to school checklist? The kids (finally) go back to school this week! Find out everything you need to do to start school right here.

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Back to School Checklist for Parents of Tweens and Teens

Back to School Checklist

 To say that I’m excited is an understatement. The kids work better with a routine and honestly, working from home is more challenging when your kids are home all day. This is especially true when they are lounging around in the living room (that doubles as my office) watching music videos.

As excited as I am to have the kids back in school again, preparing for back to school can be challenging.  There are just so many things that need to be done before school starts that I am not sure I will ever get it all done in time. I have been using this back to school checklist to be certain I don’t forget anything.

School forms

Get those school forms filled out and returned to the school. Yes, I know 2000 forms are annoying to fill out every year but get it out the way quickly.


Make sure your child is up to date on all of their immunizations and have their eyes and hearing checked.

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Sports physical

Schedule the sports physical. We always seem to have at least a month’s waiting list for a sports physical so schedule yours early.

girl ready for school holding supplies

Clothes, shoes, backpacks and more

Purchase clothes, shoes, backpack and lunchbox for the season.

School supplies

Stock up on school supplies required by your school. Pick up a few extras in case your child loses some. I cannot tell you how many USB drives my kids go through in a year.

school bus

Bus schedule

Check the bus schedule. Is it the same as last year? Has the route changed? Has the pickup time changed?

Update your calendar

Add the open house date and time to your planner so you remember. Don’t forget the PTA meetings. Update your calendar with holidays, in service days, sports practices, etc. for the year.

After school care

Double check arrangements for babysitters and daycare.

Healthy Snacks for School the Kids Will Really Love

School lunches

Plan your lunches and snacks for the week.  Don’t send the same thing every day or your child will be bored. Stock up on healthy snacks.


Make sure that you send in any medications necessary to the school nurse (inhalers, epi-pens, etc.)

Identity theft

Sign up for identity theft protection services from LifeLock for you and your child.

Looking for a back to school checklist? The kids (finally) go back to school this week!  To say that I'm excited is an understatement.

Personal Information

Every year as I fill out those forms that the school asks me for, I worry about the safety of the personal information I fill out.  Who has access to these forms?

Is there some reason that they need my child’s social security number? Can anyone open the cabinet these forms are stored in? Or access this information online on their computer system? How secure is their computer system? What if it gets hacked?

Now that my kids have drivers’ permits, I worry about the safety of their driver’s license. You know kids are not anywhere near as careful with their possessions as we are as adults.  

It’s relatively easy to have issues with identity theft if someone gets ahold of your driver’s license.

Identity Theft Protection

LifeLock offers identity theft protection services that can really help.  They will monitor your personal information and notify you anytime there is a threat to your identity.  You can get emails and even text messages to alert you to potential risks.

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There are personalized activity alerts on credit card, checking and savings account transactions with LifeLock Advantage™ and LifeLock Ultimate Plus™. LifeLock Ultimate Plus members can receive these activity alerts on their investment accounts, adding some peace of mind against identity fraud as well. LifeLock offers a junior product available for purchase for your children with an adult membership!

As you’re getting the kids ready for school, I hope this back to school checklist is helpful. Remember to take advantage of LifeLock’s services and keep your family’s personal information safe.

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