Living Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

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If you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea, have you considered living Christmas gifts?  I’ve been trying very hard this year to reduce the amount of clutter I have in my home. And, many of the gifts that I will give this year are consumable or sustainable.
Living Christmas Gifts for People Who Love Gardening

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Living Christmas Gifts

When considering living Christmas gifts, please be aware that a few of these are poisonous to cats and dogs. So, if your recipient is a pet owner, choose a pet-friendly plant for them. There are many different types of plants that you can give as gifts. Some are easier to care for than others. So, if you’re giving a plant that requires specific care, make sure that you’re not gifting it to a beginner gardener.

Thinking about living Christmas gifts? Plants make wonderful Christmas gifts because they last long after Christmas is over. Your recipient will be able to look at their plant in June and remember who it came from.  So, here are a few ideas that you might want to consider this year.

a poilsettia on a windowsill

Living Christmas gifts for indoors

Not everyone has a large yard outside to plant their plants in. And, not everyone wants to deal with weeding and outside garden care. So, if you have someone on your gift list who prefers houseplants, here are a few ideas for them.


One of my favorite plants to give is a poinsettia but I don’t like to give them to people with little children or pets because they’re poisonous. A poinsettia will need to remain inside all year unless you live in a very warm area like Florida or Texas. Poinsettias are native to Mexico and Central America. So, here in Vermont, they would die outside.

You could also gift a book on caring for poinsettias and a pretty Christmas pot for the plant to live in. There are lots of different ideas for people who love to garden.  You just need to think outside of the box a little bit.

paperwhite flowers

Paperwhites or other bulbs

I have forced paperwhites to bloom inside before with success. There is something magical about forcing bulbs inside in the winter when the ground is covered with snow. It’s a relatively easy process. While you can plant the bulbs outside, they may not come back next year. So, I usually just enjoy them while they’re inside. Learn how to force paperwhites.

a pink orchid in bloom


Orchids are truly stunning. And, I have grown several of them. But, I will admit to not having the greatest success with them. They’re rather picky about their care. So, you might want to make sure the person you’re gifting it to isn’t a beginner. A book on orchid care might be a great addition to the plant as well.

Unkillable houseplants that clean the air


There are so many different houseplants you could gift that there’s no way I could mention them all. There are easy plants like spider plants that almost anyone would have success with. Or, you could choose a succulent, a cactus, a bonsai tree, or an air plant. Here are ten unkillable houseplants that will help clean the air. You could choose one large plant or several smaller plants depending on your budget.

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Living Christmas gifts for outdoors

If your gift recipient is a gardener, you might want to think about giving then a plant that they can plant outside once the warmer weather arrives. There are lots of different ideas you could choose but one of the easiest ones is an herb garden. During the winter, they can live inside on a sunny windowsill. But, once the warmer weather arrives, they can be planted outside in the garden. Then, before the weather gets cold again, they can be brought back inside. You could even gift an oven mitt and a set of kitchen towels if you’ll be giving culinary herbs as one of your living Christmas gifts.

Other gardening related gifts

Of course, there are a lot of different types of gardening related gifts you could give someone. Why not gift them a package of seed balls and a garden journal. Winter is a long season with very little gardening so planning your garden layout is something many gardeners do in the winter. There are so many living Christmas gifts you can give. I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to start with.

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