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I’ve given living Christmas gifts several years in the past. Plants make wonderful Christmas gifts because they last and last long after Christmas is over. One of my favorite plants to give is a poinsettia but I don’t like to give them to people with little children or pets because they’re poisonous. I’ve given pots of herbs before but those tend to need a lot of sun so if the person receiving them doesn’t have a really sunny window, this isn’t a good choice. If they do have a sunny window, I tend to include pots of basil, oregano and chives. Sometimes I add in a few jars of spaghetti sauce and some red oven mitts and consider it an Italian diner gift basket.

I have forced bulbs before but this takes a while and I don’t have time to force them completely open before Christmas time. I really love tulips and daffodils probably because they are the first signs of color we have in the spring time after a long, cold winter. But I have also forced hyacinths and crocus too. My Mom has a wonderful touch with orchids and I’d love to try growing orchids and giving them for Christmas gifts in a pretty pot or basket. I really love orchids. They are so graceful and exotic looking. I really need to check out the care and growing information for them.

What do you think? What’s your favorite plant to give or receive for Christmas?
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