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Last Updated on September 12, 2021 by Ellen Christian

You know how every year when you plant your garden you tell yourself you’re going to write down what variety you planted where & how well it did?  You know how you have great intentions of keeping track of varieties from year to year and you jot things down and then lose them? Or worse yet, don’t write them down at all?

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Product Review: Journals Unlimited, Inc. Garden Journal

Product Review: Journals Unlimited, Inc. Garden Journal

Every single year I tell myself I am going to write down what varieties of vegetables I planted where & how well they do. I’m going to write down how much rain they got, when I planted them & where I relocated them to.  Some years I do remember to write them down but do you think I can find my notes next year when I want to figure out what kind of tomato gave me fantastic results last year? Nope, I never can.

Well, I have found a solution!  Journals Unlimited, Inc. has an amazing Gardener’s Journal.  The Gardner’s Journal is a gorgeous, hardcover, spiral bound journal that is chock full of pages just especially for you to write notes about your gardens!

Each sheet has space for the season and date you’re making the entry.  It also has space for weather notes like precipitation, temperature, sunlight, shading and other elements.  It has a section for the activities you did in the garden like seeds planted, bulbs, blooms, growth,  and highlights.  There’s a section for maintenance that includes planting, weeding, feeding, relocations, etc.  Plus there is also a section for you to make notes about wildlife like birds, butterflies and other critters!

I just love this Gardner’s Journal! The cover is heavy so it will stand up to years’ of use and the pages are nice and thick so I don’t have to worry about them tearing out easily.  The journal measures 7.5″x9″ and there are 200 pages so this will last me for years!

Product Review: Journals Unlimited, Inc. Garden Journal

Not only does Journals Unlimited, Inc. have Gardener’s Journals, they have tons of different types of journals including Travel, Daily Devotions, Birdwatching and tons more! Take a look at the whole list of full-size journals they offer.  They also offer midsize and mini size journals as well as notepads!

Each of their sixty titles is complete with thoughtful prompts true to the Journals Unlimited Style.  The trademark format makes keeping a journal easy and fun for all ages and interests.  You can use their Personalize It! service for a truly unique one of a kind journal with your photo & text.  Journals Unlimited is proud to be printed in the USA on acid-free, recycled paper with soy-based ink. Journals Unlimited, Inc. can also be purchased from Amazon

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  1. I tried to write down all my garden stuff one year. That didn't go far. I like the looks of these, so I might try again if I am able to dig out a new garden area this year.


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