Planning A Garden Layout

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Planning a garden layout is one of the first things that you need to do when you get ready for the garden season.  You need to consider a variety of things before you head to the store for supplies.  I have been gardening for over twenty years and I find that I have the best results when I plan carefully rather than simply buying what catches my eye at the store. Planning a garden layout is really very simple.  When you begin, you need to consider these things.

Planning a garden layout

Planning A Garden Layout

  • Space. How much room do you have to devote to your garden? Figure out the square space or the number of containers that you will be using. Don’t buy too much or the plants will go to waste.
  • Sun.  How much sun will your proposed location receive? Some plants like full sun and others will do best in partial shade.  If you have no shade at all, it may be difficult for you to grow plants that like a bit of shade.
  • Food preferences. Don’t plant vegetables that no one in your family will eat. No matter how cool kale looks while it grows, if no one will eat it, it’s a waste of space.
  • Size of the grown plant. Tomato plants and pepper plants can grow quite tall, radishes and carrots stay fairly low to the ground. Make sure that one plant does not block the sun that another plant needs.
  • Companion planting.  Some plants are just happier when grown next to other plants.  I highly recommend you purchase a book on companion planting and learn which plants like (or don’t like) each other.

Planning a garden layout

Once you have finished planning a garden layout, it’s time to head to the store for plants and supplies.  I’m very excited to be working with Home Depot on their spring projects.  I will be putting in a cedar raised garden bed so we can grow some vegetables. In the past, we had a traditional garden. Since Marty is disabled and my back has been protesting the work involved in hoeing and weeding, raised bed gardening will be a huge help for us.   Raised gardens require a lot less upkeep and preparation than traditional gardens. I’m looking forward to being able to get back out into the garden again and checking out all the goodies that Home Depot has available.

Planning a garden layout

I love growing all sorts of vegetables but it really makes the most sense to pick vegetables that my family really enjoys. I also like to be able to can some of our vegetable for future use. I’m probably going to choose tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce at least.  That will let me freeze the tomatoes and possibly make pickles or relish.  I may do green beans as well if I can find a bush bean.  Growing beans that climb in a raised bed garden may take up too much space.  I would love to put in some pansies as well since the flowers are edible and make a great addition to a spring salad. If I can find arugula, I will probably add some of that since we eat a lot of salads. I’m thinking about adding in a pot of herbs as well so I can have fresh herbs like basil throughout the season. I think a strawberry pot would be fun to add as well.  I have so many ideas!

Planning a garden layout

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

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  1. My hubby is never happy after picking. He thought about raised beds this year but it didn't happen. He plans his out in January and rotates his crops. We haven't bought vegetables (barring potatoes and garlic) in three years. It's great! good luck with your new raised bed!
    • Ellen Christian says
      That is great planning! I'm so glad we are putting in raised beds this year. Hope your garden is very successful!
  2. I have always wanted to do this but it was so overwhelming!  This is such a helpful post!!
  3. I'm getting ready to plan mine, so thanks for the info!! :)
  4. Brandy Myers says
    I usually just thrown the seeds out in random rows. I never gave much though to actually planning my garden. Thanks for giving me some ideas to think about and my husband some new projects. Let me tell you he is so happy...or not. :)
  5. I LOVE gardening and must admit I plant stuff people in my family dont care for besides me. If I have extra, I have really happy neighbors!
  6. I've never had a garden. Thanks for the tips...maybe I'll give it a try???
  7. Tiffany Cruz says
    I really want to try my hand at growing some strawberries. I've done gardens before but never planned them out first, but I should have. Thanks for all the info.
    • Ellen Christian says
      I've grown strawberries before and not had a lot of luck. I am hoping that the strawberry pot will make it easier.
  8. Check it Out! with Dawn says
    Thanks for the great tips!  I am getting my new garden plotted out and this was perfect timing!
  9. I'm starting to lay out our garden too. Hoping to reap plenty of harvest this summer!!
  10. This is a great way to plan. I am thinking of putting out a garden this year and this will be useful as I plan the layout.
  11. Alison Shaffer says
    now that the bulbs are up, I see areas that could use more next fall planting. Everytim I walk around the yard I think of something to do or plant, but then forget later. I like the idea of a planner.


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