Lavender Suitcase Deodorizer for Travelers

Last Updated on September 11, 2022 by Ellen Christian

This lavender suitcase deodorizer is an absolute must for your next trip.

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I’m not a huge fan of traveling. I do it when I have to, but I’m really much more of a homebody. I like the familiarity of home. I like the scents and sounds and comforts that I’m used to. Traveling tends to be a bit stressful for me for that reason. The suitcase deodorizer uses lavender essential oil which is known to be calming and relaxing.

Lavender suitcase deodorizer for traveling

Lavender Suitcase Deodorizer for Travelers

On my last trip, I made up a lavender suitcase deodorizer to pack in with my clothes for my trip to San Francisco. I use lavender essential oil at home to relax with, but I didn’t want to try to pack my bottle of essential oil in my suitcase. Instead, I used a few drops of lavender essential oil on this sachet and packed it in a pocket of my suitcase. The scent reminded me of home, kept my clothes smelling fresh and helped me relax.


  • Oatmeal (not instant or quick)
  • Lavender essential oils
  • Muslin or fabric bag
  • Ribbon or twine to tie closed


  • The exact amount you need depends on how many you make and the size of the bags. I used about a tablespoon for one small sachet which is really all you need for an carry on size suitcase.
  • Place the oatmeal in the bag.
  • Add 1 to 2 drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Work around a bit with your fingers.
  • Tie closed.
  • Put this in a pocket of your suitcase – not directly on your clothes in case the oils stain.

A few of these in a pretty basket with some trial size bath products would make a nice gift for the traveler in your life.

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Lavender suitcase deodorizer for traveling

6 thoughts on “Lavender Suitcase Deodorizer for Travelers”

  1. So simple and yet effective. What scent oil might you suggest for a more masculine fragrance. I'd like to make some for the male travelers in my life.
  2. I'd love to make this and have all the things needed. I wonder if the oats ever go bad in this or do you just replace them. I know the fats in the oats may get rancid after a while. It's so inexpensive you can just recycle I suppose.
    • I replace the oats and resent for each trip. I wash the bag in between uses as well. I'm sure it would stay good for a while but it is really inexpensive to make a new one.
  3. Lavender Essential oils are so soothing to have in my room and makes me feel so relaxed. I like your pretty lavender travel deodorizer idea. So pretty!

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