Upright Chicken Roaster from Reco for the Juciest Chicken Ever

Last Updated on August 14, 2020 by Ellen Christian

Have you ever used an upright chicken roaster? As the weather cools down, we do a lot of roasts and whole chickens in the oven.  It’s nice to heat up the oven and not worry about it making the house too hot. The only thing that I don’t like about roasting chickens is that the chicken sits right in the drippings as it cooks.   Even when I put the chicken on a rack, it doesn’t help keep it crisp and the bottom gets all soggy.  I’d prefer that the entire outside of the chicken was crisp while keeping the inside moist. I received a product for this post. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
Upright Chicken Roaster from Reco for the Juciest Chicken Ever

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Reco Upright Chicken Roaster

I recently learned of an Upright Chicken Roaster from Reco that relies on gravity and cooks both from the inside and the out to produce a delicious, moist roast chicken. The Upright Chicken Roaster is an open roaster that has a central shaft that holds the chicken in an upright position while cooking.  This allows the juices to penetrate down through the meat while it keeps them away from the chicken itself.

Upright Chicken Roaster

The roaster is made from stoneware that conducts heat into the chicken’s cavity cooking from the inside out as well as the outside.

Reco upright chicken roaster

You simply place the roasting chicken on the roaster with the drumsticks down and season it.  The tray around the bottom of the Upright Chicken Roaster will catch any drippings and you can add in potatoes and vegetables for a complete meal in one.  The Upright Chicken Roaster will hold a 3 to 9-pound chicken and as an average, a 6 1/2 pound chicken takes about an hour and a half to cook.

Chicken roaster Reco

I was really impressed with how moist the chicken meat was when I served it.  The skin remained crisp on the outside and the potatoes we placed in the bottom were cooked perfectly. After dinner, clean up was very simple with just soap and water.  The Upright Chicken Roaster is dishwasher safe as well. This is the ONLY way to roast a chicken that I’ll be using from now on. The taste was amazing and it was super easy to clean up afterward. I recommend you get a Romertopf Reco 12-Inch Chicken Roaster

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  1. Great review.  Sounds like something I am going to have to invest in.  I love chicken and I like mine crispy on the outside and moist on the inside too!
  2. We eat a lot of chicken at our house since it's the only meat my 3 year old will eat! I think I'll have to purchase one of these roasters! Thanks so much for sharing!

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