Halloween Duct Tape Craft Treat Bag

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Make a Halloween treat bag with duct tape. Check out this simple Halloween craft to make your own Jack O Lantern duct tape treat bag.

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Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween Duct Tape Crafts

Halloween will be here in less than a month and the stores have all sorts of Halloween decorations and supplies on the shelves.   Here’s a fun way to make your own Halloween crafts like this  Treat Bag using Scotch Duct Tape. 

There is no need to go out and buy plastic pumpkins to hold your kids’ treats.  You can choose any color or pattern of Scotch Duct Tape you like and then layer them to create whatever saying you choose.  

Change the colors and you can make a gift bag for Christmas or birthdays too. 

Scotch Color and Pattern Duct Tapes are available in vibrant colors and detailed designs.  It’s perfect for crafting because it goes on smoothly and holds well even if the surface isn’t flat.  

Scotch Duct Tape offers a few colors: hot pink, cherry red, tangerine orange, sunshine yellow, green apple, blue turquoise, sea blue, violet purple, and metallic berry. You can also find Scotch Duct Tape in a variety of patterns.  

Just a few of my favorites are Plaid To Meet You, Peace Out, Pretty Snakey, and Paul Frank.   Crafters will be happy to learn that you can now buy smaller rolls of Scotch Color and Pattern Duct Tapes in coordinating combination packages that are perfect for DIY projects.

Make a Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween Crafts

Cover the front of the paper bag with one solid color of Scotch Duct Tape.  If your bag had a design printed on the front, you may have to do two layers. Now you can edge your Halloween Treat Bag using a patterned Duct Tape. to create a border,  cut eyes out for a Jack O’ Lantern or write Boo or Trick or Treat on the front.  What you create is up to you!

Easy Halloween Craft - Make a Halloween Treat Bag

24 thoughts on “Halloween Duct Tape Craft Treat Bag”

  1. So, so cute and festive! Creative also! I would love if you would stop by and share this post at my blog party, Celebrate It! It’s all about celebrating the everyday things we do! http://thefreshmancook.blogspot.com/2014/10/celebrate-it-blog-party-12.html Hope to see you there!
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  3. File this under: why didn't I think of that?! :) We have quite the stash of duct tape and paper bags, so definitely doing this for both our kids this year. Thanks for the great idea. Pinned!
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  7. This is a great idea! I love the pumpkin you made:) Both of my kids love tape (what kids don't???) so I'm going to do this with them tonight! I actually won a bag of different colored and patterned duct tape and I have a bunch of bags with handles so we are all set!
  8. Does it take three rollsif tape per bag? I was thinking ths would be a great craft for our halloween party but could get pricey if there are a lot of kiddos.
  9. Very nice idea.  I like that Scotch Duck tape is making so many wonderful colors for all sorts of fun crafts.  It will be terrific to decorate gift bags with the pretty designs and colors.  It is a nice personalized idea and a super Halloween bag.
  10. That is awesome!! I am going to do this for my daughter this year so she can have a custom bag to match her costume!! Plus, the cheap ones you buy at the store always rip and tear!!
  11. Love these DIY Halloween bags; they are so much more "personal" and you can even have your child get involved with decorating their own bag with stickers or drawings, etc.
  12. That is so cute and yet SO simple! You are so creative Ellen!  Plus, it's duct tape so you know  the bag isn't going to be tearing and dropping all the candy

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