Halloween Origami with Zombigami Paper Folding

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I love anything that lets me play with paper so you would think I’d have tried Halloween origami before but I haven’t.  Check out my thoughts.

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When I first heard about Zombigami, I knew I had to have it.  After all, I’m a huge zombie fan, and how could I have more fun than by making Zombie origami creatures?  

Halloween Origami with Zombigami Paper Folding for the Living Dead

Halloween Origami

Zombigami includes projects to create thirteen ghoulish origami zombies.  That’s not all, though. Zombigami also includes 50 sheets of colored and patterned paper made specifically for creating these Zombies. 

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The book begins with a chapter on the basic folds and the symbols you’ll need to understand to create the projects.  There are sixteen different basic origami folds.  

Find out more about Monstergami here.

The list begins with the easier ones (in my opinion) and get harder as you progress. There is also a section with tips on selecting the correct type of paper and glue to use in your origami projects.

There are also suggestions on techniques so that the folds you make are crisp, resulting in a better finished project. Have you seen Horrorgami?

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Learn more about this origami zombie book

Each Halloween origami craft project features a full color photo of the project with a spooky background and a ghoulish description of the zombie you will be creating. Every fold necessary to create the project is shown step by step and a reference back to the type of basic fold involved.  

That lets you turn back for extra help if you need it.  Each step is also color-coded to see what type of paper you need to use with it. Most of the projects will have multiple steps that require several different pieces of paper. You will need glue to hold the different pieces together.

There are even 13 pull out Zombigami character posters included!

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Halloween origami review

For the most part, the projects in this book are medium in difficulty. I wouldn’t try them without some experience in origami.  I’ve been doing origami for several years and found some of the projects fairly complicated.  

They are doable but you need to work carefully, and experience would certainly help. If you’re looking for some fun Halloween origami, Zombigami is definitely what you need.  

I love the selection of projects to choose from in Zombigami: Paper Folding for the Living Dead.

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