12 Easy Homemade Cleaning Recipes

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Is your home holiday ready? Does the thought send you into panic mode? These easy homemade cleaning recipes and tips will help. In a little over a month, our house will be full of guests for the holidays. Normally, my home is fairly clean and organized. I don’t have piles of dirty clothes on the floor or dirty dishes overflowing the sink. But, there are a few little things that definitely need some cleaning before we have company over.

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12 Easy Homemade Cleaning Recipes to Get Holiday Ready

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Easy Homemade Cleaning Recipes

There are so many different cleaning products in the grocery store that it’s easy to go a bit crazy. Yes, there are 37 different scents and colors to choose from, but you really can do just as good a job with a homemade cleaning recipe (and it’s not toxic). These recipes and DIY tips will get you started on the way to a holiday-ready home. It’s very easy to make these DIY natural cleaning products.

What you need to get started with these easy homemade cleaning recipes:

Vinegar – Many natural cleaning recipes contain vinegar because it cuts grease and kills germs and bacteria. You should be able to pick up a gallon of this at your grocery store. Make sure you get white vinegar.

Essential Oils – If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. I prefer lemon or lemongrass for cleaning recipes. But, you can also use tea tree oil. I really like using these homemade cleaning products with essential oils.

Spray Bottles – You will want to have a few spray bottles to use when creating these easy homemade cleaning recipes. That way, you can mix up one batch and use it as you need it. Make sure you label them so you know what’s in them.

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12 Easy Homemade Cleaning Recipes to Get Holiday Ready

What are your favorite easy homemade cleaning recipes? Have you started getting ready for holiday guests yet?

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  1. I like this cleaning tip. To use Cleaning with Vinegar DIY Citrus Spray because it is all organic. I need to get my house clean this week for Thanksgiving. Thanks for the awesome tips.
  2. I'm probably stuck in the vinegar, bleach, baking soda cleaning methods, but it's what I know and it's inexpensive. I know it would smell a whole lot better with oils and hoping to try some new green methods of cleaning.

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