Benefits of a Front Load Laundry Center

Last Updated on March 20, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Have you been considering a front load laundry center? If so, there are some important benefits that I wanted to share with you. I love my front loading washer/dryer. It’s definitely the best step I ever took when we upgraded our bathroom. 

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5 Important Benefits of a Front Load Laundry Center

Front Load Laundry Center

A front load laundry center will include both a washer and a dryer that load in the front – rather than a washing machine that loads at the top of the machine. They are typically built for efficiency when compared to a top-loading machine. Here are the top benefits of investing in this type of laundry center.

Easy to Clean

A front loading washing machine is much easier to clean than a top loading machine. If you’ve ever found yourself with your head stuck in the washer trying to reach the bottom, you’ll understand exactly what I mean by this.


Again, simply open the front door of the washer and reach inside. That’s all there is to it. It’s much easier for me to take the dirty clothes from the hamper and put them in to be washed. It’s also easier to put the clothes in the basket when they’re done.

5 Important Benefits of a Front Load Laundry Center


Typically because of the way they are built, a front load washing machine will use less water than a top loading machine. They will also use less energy because the washer also spins faster to help keep clothes dryer to reduce overall drying time. This is better for not only the environment but for your budget.

Gentle on Clothes

Front load laundry centers are typically gentler on our clothes. Because front load washing machines don’t have an agitator, there is less wear and tear on your gentle fabrics. They are also exposed to less drying time since more water is removed from the fabrics during the spin cycle.

5 Important Benefits of a Front Load Laundry Center

Sidekick Compatible

When you purchase an LG Front Load Laundry Center it is SideKick compatible. This means that it provides additional capacity to wash 2 loads at once.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! We are probably going to need to purchase new ones soon. Ours are pretty much on their last leg.

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