Finding Time for Exercise as a Working Mom

Last Updated on January 22, 2024 by Ellen Christian

Finding time for exercise as a working mom can be a challenge. Would it surprise you to hear that I didn’t exercise at all last week? Check out these tips.

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Finding time for exercise as a working mom

Finding Time for Exercise 

I had every intention of walking after dinner, just as soon as I folded the laundry and got the dishes done. But, I lost track of time and then I thought I would just skip one day – except one day turned into one week. Clearly, I need more motivation since I haven’t figured out a way to get more than 24 hours in a day.

Finding time for exercise as a working mom isn’t easy but it is possible. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of being reminded at the right time or having a fun way to motivate yourself to get moving.

That’s why I have started using the Mira Fitness Bracelet to track my fitness patterns and give me boosts of inspirational content to lead a healthier life.

Track your fitness

I’ve tried other tracking devices before but they’re not Mira. While they give you your numbers, they don’t really motivate or inspire you. Mira is about more than numbers. Mira gives you insights into all your activities and the more you wear the device, the more Mira gets to know you.

Based on knowing your fitness patterns, Mira gives you boosts of inspirational content that keeps you motivated with ideas for continuing on your fitness journey. Plus, it helps you celebrate the milestones you achieve.

Mira Fitness Bracelet

So, what is Mira? Mira is a Fitness Bracelet with a detachable activity tracker and a mobile app. It offers personalized suggestions based on your preferences like when you have the most energy and what type of exercise you enjoy.

It also gives you the option to measure what’s most important to you. Since I follow the Paleo/Primal diet, I’m not interested in calories. It’s not something I track. What I am interested in is steps and the Mira Fitness Bracelet lets me track that instead of calories. If you like calories, great, you can track those too!

Finding time for exercise as a working mom

Mira is also stylish. You can get the Fitness Bracelet in Midnight Purple or Brushed Gold. Another plus is that the Mira is made of surgical-grade stainless steel that has been color-treated to give the material its beautiful luster. I have extremely sensitive skin and the Mira is the perfect choice for me with no irritation at all.

Record all your exercise

If finding time for exercise as a working mom is difficult, the Mira Fitness Bracelet is your answer. I was having a really busy day but it encouraged me to try just a quick 25 minute walk. I decided I could handle that on my lunch break without a problem.

While I was walking, I checked out the inspiration boost and the Mira app challenged me to do 30 jumping jacks half way through my routine. It took me only an added minute and definitely upped my fitness for today.

Finding time for exercise as a working mom

The Mira app is available on iPhone® 4S and above, iPad® (3rd Generation) and above, iPad® Mini, iPod® Touch (5th Generation) and above, and iOS 7 and above. Support for Android is coming soon!

Check out the Mira Sweatual Healing Pinterest Board for more inspiration! How do you get inspired to workout?

Here are a few ways to get active with your kids as a family. Why not involve everyone to start a new healthy habit.

10 thoughts on “Finding Time for Exercise as a Working Mom”

  1. That is the most fashionable fitness bracelet I have ever seen! it's awesome cause it looks nice and doesn't look like a fitness tracker. But it keeps you reminded to be active too!
  2. That looks like a regular piece of jewelry. I'd have never guessed it had fitness tracking tech hidden inside.
  3. It can be tough to find time to work out when you're a busy mom. I can say from experience that it's so worth it, though. 
  4. I haven't jumped on the fitness bracelet bandwagon yet since I'm lucky to remember to even get my watch on (need the second hand on non digital). It does look stylish of those I've seen. I would need the android version when it comes out.
  5. Mira sounds like something I would love. I exercise but still need more motivation and this has everything I am looking for. I also love how stylish it is and the fact I look wonderful with it on :) Thanks for sharing.

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