Exercise In Your Home & Avoid The Embarassment

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If you saw the title of my post and immediately understood what I meant, read on.  I try really hard to work out every day. I do this because, at 46, I am not really impressed with the way I look. I’ve had two children and my weight has fluctuated up and down several times. I don’t have time to lay out in the sun in our short Vermont summers or the money to travel to Bermuda. Those things combined mean that instead of toned and firm with skin that has a healthy glow, I tend to be slightly flabby and pasty white.

There is no way that you’re going to find me in a gym working out next to those 20 year old, hard body college students.  My self esteem is just not that strong. Instead I have been looking for ways that you can exercise in your home and avoid the embarrassment of going to a gym. Nobody is going to see me but the cats and my husband and he knows better than to laugh at me.

Exercise in your home

Exercise In Your Home

One of the ways I’ve found it’s possible to exercise in your home is to invest in a Journey Gym.    Journey Gym is a health and fitness system for people who have not and will not join a gym. In other words, it’s for your average person – not someone training for a marathon or who wants to look like a body builder.  Their system addresses the top five things your average person says prevent them from working out.

  • Their workouts are 5 to 20 minutes max. I waste that much time in a day playing Candy Crush so I know I can work out that long.
  • They offer support. I don’t have a circle of friends that wants to exercise and eat healthy with me. It’s hard to do this on your own. Journey Gym offers Star Trainers, an online Health Community, Persistency Centers, and a Medical Team to support you.
  • This is a system that shows results. In about 85 minutes a week (that’s the normal time of just one movie), youcan lose as much as 25-40lbs in 10 weeks.
  • The gradual changes they suggest give you the tools to make this a success.  You start out with 5 minutes of exercise for 2 to 3 days a week. You don’t have to wake up one morning and exercise 2 hours a day for the rest of your life.
  • The Journey Gym is affordable. There’s no monthly gym membership payment and there are no recurring fees. I don’t have room in my budget for that.

Exercise in your home

So what is it? Journey Gym is a light weight, compact universal gym that will allow you to exercise in your home. It provides a total body workout and you can use it as your primary source of resistance, cardiovascular, and circuit training. It comes with 30 different resistance bands and a set of adjustable handles so you can customize your resistance level. It also comes with a set of legs so you can raise the gym and use it as a stair stepper.  Plus you get a workout DVD specifically designed for the gym with a 5 minute set up video, a 10 minute circuit tone workout and a 20 minute circuit strength workout.

They have an online community at www.healthisajourney.com where you are able to create exercise videos, track your activity and nutrition, and share your progress with friends and family. When I received my Journey Gym, it also came with a fitbook which is a really handy book that allows you to make a plan for your health and fitness and then record your progress. You can track everything from exercise (strength training, cardio, flexibility) to food, nutrients, water and sleep. This is a system to get you healthy. It’s much more than a piece of fitness equipment. I also received “The Five Pillars of Perfect Nutrition” booklet from Journey Gym.  Kim Lyons (from The Biggest Loser) shares advice on nutrition, recipes, and lifestyle changes to live a healthier lifestyle.  I really love the ideas she offers in this. A healthy lifestyle is a must. You can’t get there eating a steady diet of McDonald’s and cupcakes.

Exercise in your home

So, my thoughts on the Journey Gym? I’m loving it.  I don’t have room for anything else in my living room so it was vital that the system I chose could be stored out of the way when I wasn’t using it.  When I’m finished exercising, it stands next to my printer stand and takes up practically no room at all. It’s in a handy case with a handle that is lightweight and easy to move around. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and get going.  The support from their community is really amazing. Not only are there tons (3o5!) videos you can watch, they are on a variety of topics including health and nutrition. Their community lets me join groups of people similar to me for support and encouragement. You can pick one of their trainers who you feel you fit best with. Yes, they have one that targets busy moms!

Exercise in your home

What are the workouts like?  First, there are four levels. You start with level one. I love this. I hate when I get into a workout system that seems to target Betty Bodybuilder and I cannot keep up with even the easiest workout.  My favorite workout is the circuit training.  It’s a combination of squats, lunges, stepping, etc.  I will admit that 10 minutes with the orange band (the lowest resistance) leaves me gasping for breath. I feel it in my entire body. The trainer goes at a pace I can easily follow that gives me the perfect workout for my level of fitness. This is the perfect way to exercise in your home and it will grow with you as your fitness level improves.

You can purchase the Journey Gym direct from their site or from Amazon.


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  1. What a cool product! Seriously, I don't go to the gym b/c I can't seem to fit in the time to drive over there. But i try to incorporate a few minutes here and there.
  2. LOL that's so me! I hate going to the gym!! No one needs to witness my lack of coordination and see that I am a sweaty beast.

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