Exercise In Your Home With an At-Home Workout

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Are you wondering about how to exercise in your home? Now, more than ever, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to head to the gym to work out. Now that I am working full time, I just don’t have time to head to the gym. And, with the stay at home order right now, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. Instead, I have been looking for ways that you can exercise in your home.

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Exercise In Your Home With an At-Home Workout


Exercise In Your Home

It isn’t difficult at all to exercise in your home. Some people think you need a home gym or exercise equipment. And, while you can certainly use those if you have them, you don’t need them for an at-home workout.

How can I exercise at home?

Of course, if you have an exercise bike, workout equipment or weights at home, the easiest thing to do is simply use those. But, if you don’t have exercise equipment, there are plenty of workouts available on YouTube that you can use to get in shape. 

woman doing yoga on a yoga mat

Make sure that you look for an at-home workout for your fitness level. If you’ve never worked out before, you’ll want a beginner workout. If you’re used to spending yours at the gym every day, you can look for something more advanced.

You can do a home workout using nothing more than your bodyweight. Planks, lunges, and squats are all great places to start. And, they definitely give you a good workout.

Exercise In Your Home With an At-Home Workout

Include these five basic workouts

  • Push
  • Pull
  • Bend
  • Squat 
  • Plank

Exercise In Your Home With an At-Home Workout

What type of exercise is best in the morning?

If you want to start your day off with exercise, my choice is yoga or a long walk. I don’t wake up with a ton of energy and motivation. So, my goal is to take it slowly and exercise to stretch and prepare for the day. If you have loads of energy in the morning, you can try pilates or a bike ride.

How long should a morning workout be?

Generally speaking, morning workouts are shorter. Your muscles are still because you’ve been still all night sleeping. It’s best to keep your morning workout to about fifteen minutes. You can always do more later in the day.

Exercise In Your Home With an At-Home Workout

How to exercise at home without equipment

If you want an at-home workout, try this simple routine. Choose one from each category or as many as you can comfortably work into your at-home workout. While you don’t need exercise equipment for any of these routines, I do recommend a yoga mat. Even if you have a rug on the floor, a yoga mat can make all the difference with comfort.

  • Upper body routine: Choose pushups, chair dips, plans, or arm circles.
  • Work your legs: Choose squats, lunges, jumping jacks, bicycle legs
  • Core exercises: Choose planks, burpees, scissors
  • Combination exercises: Choose burpees, squat jumps, dumbell squats

Exercise In Your Home With an At-Home Workout

Simple exercises to do at home for beginners

If you’re new to exercising, speak to your doctor to see which of these would be good for you to start with. I typically start with five incline pushups against the wall. Then, I transition to five chair squats and 5 lunges.  After that, I attempt planking. I say attempt because my core strength is not amazing and planks are a challenge for me.

If you feel this isn’t as strenuous a routine as you’d normally do, you can repeat this rotation until you feel challenged. Or, add in a few exercises from the list above. Remember that after you workout, it’s important to allow your body to cool down. It can be as simple as ending your routine in the child pose for a few minutes to allow your heartbeat to return to normal.

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