Essential Oils for Sneezing and Runny Nose

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If you’re looking for the best essential oils for sneezing and a runny nose, check out my thoughts on using essential oil to stop sneezing.

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Essential oils are my first go-to for managing minor issues like cold symptoms. Check out my thoughts on using essential oils for cough and congestion.

If you're looking for the best essential oils for sneezing and a runny nose, check out my thoughts on using essential oil to stop sneezing.

Essential Oils for Sneezing

Whether it’s allergies or the common cold, it can be helpful to use something to help with the sneezing and congestion. Since I suffer from allergies almost all year, I have found that these tips work pretty well for me.

Of course, sneezing brings a lot of things along with it including symptoms like blocked nasal passages, a runny nose, and problems sleeping.

To use these oils, you can add them to your diffuser. Or, you can add them to a carrier oil and use them in a roll-on to apply to your wrists or other pulse points. I like to make my own diffuser blends to enjoy them around the house.

What essential oil is good for sneezing?

Hands down, my very favorite blend is sandalwood, frankincense, and Ravensara oil.

You’re probably familiar with sandalwood and frankincense. But, Ravensara may be new to you. 

What is Ravensara

Ravensara oil comes from the leaves of a type of evergreen plant. It has a slightly fruity medicinal scent. And, it’s often used for things like colds, shingles, and clearing sinuses.

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What essential oil is an antihistamine?

One of the problems I have with sneezing is that I get a runny nose which is super annoying. Thankfully, lavender essential oil works as a natural antihistamine.

And, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a wonderful choice for people that have allergies. I tend to run it in my USB diffuser on my desk.

If you want something that works fast, peppermint essential oil is wonderful for clearing blocked sinuses.

How do you use essential oils for allergies?

When you use EOs for allergies and sneezing, you really want to put them in your diffuser. That way you can breathe them in.

You can also add them to an oil base like olive oil and rub it on your chest if you are feeling congested. Vegetable oil even works in a pinch.

This will help to clear up congestion and help you breathe more easily. 

lemon and peppermint essential oils for sneezing

What is the best essential oil for seasonal allergies?

If your allergies are the reason you’re sneezing, you might want to try a combination of a few of these essential oils for sneezing and runny nose.

I wouldn’t combine them all. But, pick two that you typically like the scent of and try diffusing them.

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Essential oils for allergies diffuser recipes

This is one of my blends of essential oils for sneezing due to allergies. Just add it to your diffuser. Or, you can use one of these diffuser bracelets.

  • 3 drops of lavender
  • 2 drops of lemon
  • 2 drops of peppermint

Essential oils for mold allergies

One of my allergies is to mold and mildew and sneezing and congestion can often be the result. When that’s the case, I like to use these in my diffuser:

  • Lemon 
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea Tree

If you want to make a great cleaning solution, you can combine 20 drops of these essential oils along with a tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of water. Clean the area well.

doTerra allergy bomb

While I haven’t tried it, I have a friend who swears by the doTerra allergy bomb for her sneezing and runny nose. This is what you need to use Doterra essential oils for sneezing:

  • Doterra Lavender
  • Doterra Lemon
  • and Doterra Peppermint

She puts this in a glass of water. But, I don’t ever ingest essential oils. I would recommend adding them to your diffuser.

If you're looking for the best essential oils for sneezing and a runny nose, check out my thoughts on using essential oil to stop sneezing.


What is the best natural allergy relief?

There are lots of options besides using oils that you might want to try. I use Vitamin C and Quercetin. You might also want to consider probiotics, butterbur, and bromelain.

You can use these with the essential oils for sneezing.

Tips for storing oils

Oils should be protected from both heat and light. So, for me, the best place to store them is in the refrigerator. If you have another area in your home that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight or see temperature extremes, you can certainly try that as well.

You may want to try these tips for keeping your family cold and flu-free.

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