Why Electrolyzed Water is All You Need to Clean Your Kitchen Naturally

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Have you wondered about electrolyzed water and how to clean with it? When it comes to household chemicals, I’ve always tried to avoid anything that could be harmful to our kids or pets. After all, have you ever looked at the back of some of the cleaners you find at the grocery store? I don’t have any idea what half of those things are. But, I’m sure I don’t want them in my house. This post has been sponsored.

How to Clean With an Electrolyzed Water Cleaner in the Kitchen

Electrolyzed Water

I wasn’t familiar with using a electrolyzed water to clean with, so I did a little bit of research to figure out exactly what it was. Electrolyzed water comes from only salt, electricity and water, no other ingredients! It’s empowered to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, without harming you!

Aquavert products are powered by electrolyzed water and contain no bleach, ammonia, alcohol, phosphates, dyes, or fragrances. Their cleaners are all natural, nontoxic, biodegrade and safe to use around children and pets. Hypochlorous acid can be produced by applying a low-voltage charge to salt water, also known as electrolyzed water.

How to Clean With an Electrolyzed Water Cleaner

I’ve probably mentioned that both kids and their significant others are living with us. Cooking for and cleaning up after six adults is a lot of work, and I’ve recently decided I’m not doing it anymore. So, to give them some badly needed life skills, they need to pick up after themselves and help with housework.

How to Clean With an Electrolyzed Water Cleaner

After my son made dinner for himself and was about to head out with friends, I stopped him and handed him a bottle of Aquavert Multipurpose Cleaner Disinfectant to clean up the stove. He was expecting to scrub. Mexican food makes a mess on a white stove. But, it only took a few seconds to have the stove as clean as it was before he started cooking.

I’ve never used anything like Aquavert before so I wasn’t sure how it would work on a greasy stove. But, I was impressed. It cut through the grease on one swipe with absolutely no scrubbing at all. I was thrilled that it has no heavy fragrances and no chemicals. Aquavert has a mild salty scent that reminded me of the smell of the ocean.

I’ll be adding this to our natural cleaning supplies and cannot wait to tackle a few other areas of the house with it.

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  1. This will be really interesting to try. Thanks for the tip!
  2. This looks like something I should try out!
  3. Dana Rodriguez says
    I have never heard of using a electrolyzed water.I want to try Aquavert. I have a black stove that is impossible to keep clean!
  4. I haven't seen this yet at the store but I am very interested in trying it. Will keep an eye for it.
  5. I also have a white gas stove that is hard to keep clean. My issue is dust with a freeway, bus line and airport near my place. Dust and grime seems to attract everywhere so the idea of electrolyzed water sounds great. I've never heard of it but I am avoiding as many chemicals as I possibly can. This would be a great spray for my fitness equipment which I keep out (so I use) but it gets so dusty. I usually just use a static duster but this gives me another good option--thanks!

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