Easy Cinnamon Pine Cones with Essential Oils

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These easy cinnamon pine cones with essential oils serve two purposes. Did you know that cinnamon essential oil is used in aromatherapy to eliminate airborne bacteria? It helps to prevent many respiratory tract infections.

Since cold and flu season have definitely arrived at my home, I decided it couldn’t hurt to place a bowl of cinnamon-scented pine cones in the living room. They’re attractive and useful which makes them the best of both worlds.

Easy Cinnamon Pine Cones with Essential Oils

Easy Cinnamon Pine Cones with Essential Oils

I’m not exactly sure how they scent those cinnamon-scented pine cones you find at Walmart and craft stores, but it’s a fairly good bet that they aren’t using real essential oils. They are probably using some sort of fragrance oil which definitely won’t have the same properties that real cinnamon essential oil does.

Thankfully, these easy cinnamon pine cones with essential oils can be made in just a few minutes. If you have pine cones in the backyard, send one of the kids outside to collect them. If you don’t have pine cones in your area, you can buy plain, unscented pine cones at most craft stores and some garden centers.

  • Place 8 to 10 drops of cinnamon essential oil in a small spray bottle filled with water. Shake.
  • Spread the pine cones on a flat surface. If you don’t want the surface to smell like cinnamon, it’s best to do this outside. Spray well.
  • Place them in a plastic bag and seal for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, remove them from the bag and set them in a basket or glass bowl for decoration.

If the cinnamon scent fades, you can repeat the process and reuse them from year to year. Get festive and add holly, fir branches, jingle bells or other accessories as it gets closer to Christmas. To give as a gift, place in a plastic bag and tie it closed with a pretty red and green ribbon.

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Easy Cinnamon Pine Cones with Essential Oils

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  1. This sounds so fun and easy, having company tomorrow, will do this today!!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Karren @Oh-My-Heartsie-Girl
  2. I love using cinnamon scents, especially during the holiday season! THis is the perfect way to incorporate that great smell with an awesome decoration!

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