Easy Green Vacation Tips

I am a member of the Toms of Maine Goodness Circle and received an incredible trip as part of my relationship with them. All opinions are my own.

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When I go on vacation, it’s easy to get out of my routine. I’m in a different place, doing different things with different people. It takes extra effort to continue with healthy, eco-friendly habits when I’m not at home. On my recent trip to Maine, I followed these easy green vacation tips to help me continue with my regular routines.

Easy green vacation tips

Easy Green Vacation Tips

There are a lot of ways that you can make green choices on your vacation. Some of them are more complicated than others. When I go on vacation, I want things to be comfortable and relaxed. That’s what vacations are for. They’re a time to slow down and de-stress before you have to return to your routine. These tips are easy enough that anyone can do them.

  • Get back to nature. If camping in a tent in the middle of the forest is fun for you, great! Even if you don’t want to camp in the woods, you can still get back to nature on your vacation. Take a walk in the park. Visit a local farm. Go bird watching.  Take the kids apple picking. Take a midnight picnic and watch the stars. Walk in the waves on the beach. I enjoyed Colony Beach in Maine several times while I was visiting.

Easy green vacation tips

  • Give back while you’re visiting. While vacations should be relaxing, take an afternoon or a few hours to give back to the community you’re visiting. You can call ahead to a local conservation area and see what opportunities exist. Or, if no formal opportunity exists, how about picking up trash at a local park or campground? While I was in Maine, I had the chance to do some trail work for the Kennebunk Conservation Trust. It was a great workout and a great way to give back.

Easy green vacation tips

  • Walk or bike. Not everything is within walking or biking distance but when you can, choose to walk or bike instead of taking a bus or car. It’s better for the environment, and your body will thank you for making a healthy choice. While I was visiting we walked to St. Anthony’s Shrine Franciscan Monastery and enjoyed the quiet time one afternoon. More about that in another post soon.

Easy green vacation tips

  • Stay in hotels that make green choices. I love it when I find a hotel that offers guests the opportunity to make green choices. We stayed at the Nonantum Resort while we were in Maine. They donate unused shampoos & lotions to charities and give guests the chance to NOT have their linens replaced daily to lessen the impact on the environment.

Easy green vacation tips

  • Support companies that make green choices.  Whether you are buying a tube of toothpaste, shopping for souvenirs, or looking for somewhere to have lunch, try to support companies that make decisions that are good for the environment like Toms of Maine.

I visited Maine to learn more about Toms of Maine and what they stand for. I’ve been buying their products for years because I like that they are committed to natural products that don’t harm our environment. I loved learning more about their mission and how they give back to their community and the earth. They don’t do animal testing or use ingredients that have been tested on animals. 10% of their profits are donated to human and environmental causes. They respect nature and use environmental packaging whenever possible.

Easy green vacation tips

While I was in Maine, I had the opportunity to visit their factory and see how they make a few of their products. I learned about the history of the company and checked out some of the vintage product packaging they used to use. They even have a herb garden on their property for the employees!

After my trip, I feel even more strongly about supporting Toms of Maine. They make so many choices that I feel passionately about that I make sure to buy their products whenever I can. I hope you will too.

5 Easy Green Vacation Tips

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  1. We try to do one 'green' vacation each year by going camping. No electronics, etc., just back-to-nature!
  2. Kelsey Louise Apley says
    These are the types of vacations we normally take. Great tips for those needing help! 
  3. These are great tips. I've never thought about looking for places that make green choices. I haven't come across a place that makes green choices. I do love Tom's of Maine. We love their products.
  4. I do try to support companies that are green. I also make sure to not overuse services or even towels when we are in hotels. Every little bit helps!
  5. Debi- Lifestyle Blogger says
    We always try to see what nature has to offer where we travel. One of the other things we always do when we are checking things out is to try to clean up any trash we find along our ways. I have to try to look for more green hotels.
  6. Liz @ Yes/No Films says
    my parents love Maine, when we lived in Massachusetts they would travel there a lot. There's a green hotel in Holland, MI and also one in Dearborn that I stayed at which was nice.
  7. Love your pictures and your tips and so glad to have meet you! :)

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