DIY Disinfecting Tea Tree Wipes

Last Updated on October 29, 2023 by Ellen Christian

Worried about germs in your home? These tea tree wipes are easy to make and work great. Make these tea tree oil wipes and start cleaning.

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Worried about germs in your home? These tea tree wipes are easy to make and work great. Make these tea tree oil wipes and start cleaning.

DIY Disinfecting Wipes with Tea Tree Oil

These DIY disinfecting wipes are so easy to make. I worry about germs in the kitchen. After all, I’m preparing raw meat and fish and there is a constant parade of people at the sink with dirty hands. 

I prefer to use all-natural cleaning products in my home but I really want something that’s going to kill any germs and bacteria that are laying around as well. These DIY Disinfecting Wipes with Tea Tree Oil are the perfect solution. 

I’ve been buying disinfecting wipes in containers from the store but since I’m working on using less disposable products, I knew this was something I could make easily.

I’ve been cleaning with vinegar and tea tree oil in a spray bottle for years so it was just a matter of having the handiness of disinfecting wipes when I wanted one.

Wring these homemade tea tree wipes out well and you can use them on your smartphone as well. Just watch the ports.

What can I use instead of Lysol wipes?

You can use whatever type of cloth scraps you have laying around the house. I’ve known people to use old socks and t-shirts.

If your little one is now out of diapers, it’s easy to cut up old cloth diapers as well.  Since I had neither of these available, I decided to cut up some old cloth napkins that had seen better days.

They also work well as homemade hand sanitizer wipes.

Worried about germs in your home? These tea tree wipes are easy to make and work great. Make these tea tree oil wipes and start cleaning.

Homemade Handi Wipes Materials:

  • Old wipes container or a large Mason jar with lid
  • Cloth scraps cut into squares – socks, t-shirts, rags, cloth napkins, etc.
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 tbsp vinegar (white)

Worried about germs in your home? These tea tree wipes are easy to make and work great. Make these tea tree oil wipes and start cleaning.

DIY Tea Tree Wipes Directions:

  • Mix the liquid ingredients in the container or Mason jar. Multiply it by however large your container is. I doubled it.
  • Either fold or crumple the cloth scraps into the container to mix with the solution.
  • To use the wipe, remove it from the container, lightly squeeze the solution from it, use it to wipe down whatever, toss in the laundry basket to put in the next day’s wash.

a jar of vinegar with a bottle of essential oils next to it

Periodically, you will need to add more solution to the container but if you cut up enough scraps, it works quite well. I love using vinegar and tea tree oil to clean with.

Tea tree oil has a nice astringent smell, which hides the smell of vinegar. Both have disinfecting properties so they are a great choice for making homemade reusable cleaning tea tree wipes.

If you’re interested in using more essential oils, check out my other essential oil DIYs.

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16 thoughts on “DIY Disinfecting Tea Tree Wipes”

  1. I couldn't find any wipes when this started & the stores are still OOS. I made some from unscented baby wipes using Lysol kitchen cleaner because I needed something disposable for work. I do prefer natural vleaners & love the smell of Tea Tree Oil. so. this is Great & will be my next. batch. Thanks Ellen!
  2. Hello, Ellen! Is there a specific reason you recommend dish soap over something else? For the oil cutting properties? I was wondering if I could substitute dish soap for castile soap (I also have a castile soap with tea tree oil so it would probably enhance it!). Maybe I would add more castile soap since it is not as concentrated as dish soap. I often just use castile soap diluted with water as a general and gentle all purpose cleaner.
    • Hi, Maggie - I used dish soap simply because that's what I had :) I'm sure that Castile would work just as well. I'll have to try that next time I make them. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. Hi Ellen, its been a while since I last visited and I wont make the mistake again for missing your posts, (signed up hehe) I am especially interested in those about essential oils and I have found a plethora of articles and recipes I want to try.  I updates my follows for you! I do have a question, where do you purchase your essential oils the most? I also would like to invite you to share your blog on my Friday Features that would be awesome! So with that, thank you, Im looking forward to looking around more.  Hope you enjoy your weekend! Karren
    • So glad you signed up. Thank you! I generally get my essential oils from Amazon. We have a few to choose from at our local food coop but not that many. I'll definitely checkout your Friday Features. Thanks!
  4. What a cool idea! I hadn't thought about making wipes like this for around our house, but I am excited now that I know about this. We always try to go as natural as possible.
  5. I love using essential oils around the house. It's so much better than chemical filled disinfectants that leave residue around the house that the kids and pets can pick up just from touch. Natural disinfectant is such a big thing for me. This is a great recipe. 
  6. We've never tried making our own wipes like this. I wonder how long they will last in that jar - I guess you have to keep it sealed or something.
  7. Wow! I love it. I love using green products whenever possible. I had no idea I could make my own disinfecting wipes (which I love to use!). Thanks so much.

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