DIY Lavender Linen Spray

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Check out this DIY lavender spray. Make a batch of this homemade lavender spray and enjoy the relaxing scent of lavender in your home.

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DIY Spray - Lavender Linen Spray


DIY Lavender Linen Spray

There is nothing more romantic or relaxing than slipping between sheets scented with lavender or other essential oil. I’ve purchased Lavender Linen Spray at fancy bedding stores in the past but it’s a very easy DIY spray to make yourself. Since I just ran out of the store bought version, I decided I would make my own DIY spray for a romantic Valentine’s Day with my husband.

Many people use vodka in their DIY spray but Marty and I do not use products with alcohol so I needed an alternative. What the alcohol in the recipe does is act as an emulsifier and help mix the essential oil and the water. Witch hazel can act as an emulsifier as well so that is what I use in this DIY spray.



  • Adjust the quantities used based on the size spray bottle you have. This works for my small spray bottle
  • Add 6 tablespoons of distilled water to your bottle using a funnel.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of Witch Hazel to the bottle using a funnel.
  • Add about 10 drops of pure lavender essential oil.
  • Screw on the top and shake carefully.
  • You can get fancy and make a label for your Lavender Linen Spray if you want.

Before bed, just spray a bit of this DIY spray on your pillows, sheets or blankets. Test a small area before using if your linens are expensive. When you spray, stand back from the linens as the goal is to lightly scent the linens not to make them wet.

DIY Spray - Lavender Linen Spray

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36 thoughts on “DIY Lavender Linen Spray”

  1. Hi! Thanks so much for this post. I was excited when I saw that it didn’t use alcohol, but rather witch hazel. Unfortunately, the witch hazel linked to this post does, indeed, have 14% alcohol. Do you know if this works the same with witch hazel that has 0% alcohol? I’m just wondering if the alcohol, even at that %, has a function and that’s why it’s in all the recipes?
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  5. I used a lavender mask sometimes in college when I needed to sleep but had a headache or a lot on my mind.  I haven't tried a spray before, but yours sounds easy to make!  I might have to give this a try.
  6. I use lavender EO a lot, but strangely enough I'm not really fond of the smell (neither is my husband). So I usually mix with other oils.
  7. I love the substitution of Witch Hazel for the alcohol. I have everything I need to make this! Thanks for the great inspiration.
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  10. I had never thought to use witch hazel. I have some in my closet. I bet I could do this with other oils for days when I have a stuffy nose too. 
  11. I love Lavender it is my favorite fragrance. I haven't thought of making my own linen spray before but now I will give it a try. I do have a question about essential oil. Do you have a specific brand you recommend? I don't know the difference between the varieties and quality. 
    • As long as they are therapeutic grade, I have found they are pretty much the same. Just don't get a fragrance oil as it isn't the same thing.
  12. I love the scent of Lavender.  It is not only relaxing but also a nice soft romantic scent.  Great choice!  I haven't made linen spray before, I'll have to try this.
  13. Lavender Linen spray would make for some very sleepy dogs. Thanks for the share! I might have to do a follow up post to one I did recently as this would be a perfect additional and safe tip!
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