Danforth Pewter in Middlebury Vermont

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Danforth Pewter is free and open to the public. I was thrilled to receive a personal tour through the facility by the CEO. Check out my thoughts.

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Danforth Pewter Middlebury Vermont

Danforth Pewter in Middlebury Vermont

Thomas Danforth opened the first Danforth pewter workshop in 1755 in colonial Connecticut.  There is even colonial Danforth pewter in the Smithsonian!  

For as long back as I can remember, we have had Danforth Pewter Christmas ornaments on our Christmas tree so I decided it was time to learn more about where they came from.

Learn more about my visit and what I learned about pewter. You can also buy Danforth gift items right here.

What is pewter?

In case you did not know (and I didn’t), pewter is an alloy of tin, copper and antimony.  It used to be used for things like dishes and drinkware and candlesticks because it was both beautiful and durable. Then cheaply made alternatives like china started to be more commonly available and the use of pewter fell out of fashion.  

Two hundred years after the Danforths began working with pewter, the current owners revived the family tradition by founding Danforth Pewter in Vermont.

Danforth Pewter Middlebury Vermont
Pewter in a mold

Middlebury Danforth Pewter

The Middlebury location of Danforth contains both a store and a workshop.  The artisans in the workshop use traditional techniques to make contemporary and historic designs.

 Some pewter items are created by pouring the melted pewter into molds.  You can also create pewter items on a wheel like pottery. 

 Many items are made of many smaller pieces that are then welded together to make the final piece. Watching this process is fascinating.

Danforth Pewter Middlebury Vermont
Pewter being spun
Danforth Pewter Middlebury Vermont
End of the spinning process

Danforth pewterers

While you are at Danforth’s shop you can take a look at a historic timeline with examples of the pewter items that were created during those times. Watch how the process has changed over time.

candles and candle holders on a table

 You can also watch a movie about the history of pewter and watch the artisans creating the artisan items.  I learned quite a bit.

All of the items for sale at the 5 Danforth Pewter locations and online are created in this workshop. You can shop in the gift store and buy many of their items.

beautiful jewelry on display

I loved visiting Danforth Pewter in Middlebury Vermont. I learned a lot about pewter historically. And, I loved shopping at their gift shop.

If you can’t visit their shop, you can also buy Danforth gift items right here.

Just a few of the items you can find include jewelry, personal accessories, holiday ornaments, oil lamps, candlesticks, goblets, vases, picture frames and many gift items.  

The next time you’re in Vermont, stop by the location in Middlebury Vermont and visit their workshop and do a bit of shopping! Find out more here.

Danforth Pewter

52 Seymour Street

Middlebury VT 05753


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