Ways to Organize Craft Supplies

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I have been looking for creative ways to organize craft supplies so I don’t need to spend a lot of money to get organized. Check out these creative craft storage tips.

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Creative Ways to Organize Craft Supplies

Creative Ways to Organize

 I would love to have a room devoted to crafting. I’d invest in one of those wall-to-wall organizers and fill it with pretty baskets with fabric liners and roll out shelves for all my scrapbook paper.

Unfortunately, unless I discover buried treasure in my back yard, that’s not going to be happening anytime soon.  For now, I will search for creative ways to organize craft supplies that will work for me in my craft room/living room. 

When I first thought about organizing my craft supplies, I went to the craft store for ideas. They had tons of really neat carts and totes but they were really expensive and not quite what I was looking for.

 I do lots of different crafts including paper crafts, jewelry making, simple sewing and soap making. The craft supplies that I don’t use as often like my fabric, melt and pour soap blocks and pillow batting, I keep upstairs in our storage room in a huge tub.

I don’t use them often so they can stay out of sight until I need them.  A couple of times a year, I find myself hunting through the tub looking for something.

I have been looking for creative ways to organize craft supplies so I don’t need to spend a lot of money to get organized. Check out these creative craft storage tips.

Divide and Conquer

Right now, all the supplies I use regularly are tossed randomly in a three drawer wooden cabinet with plastic buckets.  I can never find anything because they aren’t organized by craft type.  

I have sewing supplies in with my paints and my scrapbook supplies. So, I often find myself buying something that I already have because I cannot find it.

I tried to separate my supplies in my larger cabinet into main groups: painting/decoupage, miscellaneous, and tools.

Creative Ways to Organize Craft Supplies

I made a really cute DIY craft storage organizer that I can keep some of my craft supplies in using a 3-drawer storage container. And, I labeled each of the drawers with the type of supply I’ll be adding (scrapbook, jewelry, extra) so that it is easier for me to find.

I group small things together in plastic baggies so they are all in one place.   Anything that was small enough and I used frequently went in there. Then I got creative.  

I have lots of scrapbook sheets but they are too large to fit in any organizer I have. And, I also have lots of origami sheets that I wanted to make sure stayed flat and protected.  

Those I put in a lower cupboard in our entertainment center. One of these days I will have to organize that but not now.

craft shelf with bins and baskets

Repurposed Organization

I wanted a way to keep my brads and eyelets easy to find and get to.  I love using them in my note cards and scrapbook projects but because they are so tiny, I lose them all the time.  

So, I got a really neat spinning spice rack I have never used and don’t really need for my spices.  I decided I would use those little jars to hold my brads, eyelets and other tiny things.

If you have a wall mounted spice rack you didn’t need, that would work just as well.  You could use it to hold buttons, beads, charms, etc.

Creative ways to organize craft supplies

My craft area isn’t perfect yet but it’s definitely an improvement over how it was before.  I am going to keep my eyes open for more unique storage ideas.

If I can clear off some space on my book case (unlikely) I could add a few cute baskets with lids in there to hold some of my extras. What kind of creative ways to organize craft supplies work for you?

Do you have any other DIY organization ideas for small spaces?

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  3. I love the spice rack!! =) So inspiring!! I'd love for you to link this post at this week's Pinterest Power Party!! Hope you have a terrific Thursday!
  4. Love the spice rack idea! I've been wanting to buy more crafting supplies so my son and I can make more things. We are expecting baby #2 and no longer have a free room in the house for these supplies, but it looks like I can still have them if I get more creative with the organization!
  5. Love the spice rack idea. I'm such a boring person when it comes to storing supplies. It's usually plastic drawers or cardboard boxes. 
  6. I have all my crafting (hahahahah) stuff in a antique wardrobe that I put shelves inside of.  It works great and hides everything.  Oh Wait, I also have more craft supplies in the front closet in large plastic storage drawers.  Hmmm Wonder if I could combine the two?  May have to work on that.  
  7. Great idea about the spice rack!! I totally need that for spices. Pinecone Research recently went to prizes instead of cash for surveys (BOO), I was initially kind of irritated about that but maybe I can find something cool to help me get organized.
  8. I love what you did with the spice rack, that's a great use! Seeing all those spinning colors would really inspire my creative mood!

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