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I really enjoy having a glass of juice with breakfast.  It’s a fantastic way to get extra vitamins into your diet and it just plain tastes good. Not all juices are created equally. I really try to read the labels carefully when I’m choosing my juice.   I try to stay away from anything with artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and I look for all natural juice. I try to avoid high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. This can make choosing a juice rather difficult. Because Marty is diabetic and I have two kids with ADHD/ADD, sugar is not something that I want to encourage them to have first thing in the morning before a day of school.  I really don’t like the alternative of artificial sweeteners either. I use a lot of stevia which is an all natural herb that is used to sweeten things.  It has no effect on the glycemic index so it’s a better choice for diabetics.

Cranberry Naturals all natural juice

Old Orchard Cranberry Naturals all natural juice is naturally sweetened with nearly two times the cranberry juice of leading diet juices.  They contain 40% less sugar than other brands and have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are naturally sweetened with Truvia (a brand of stevia) and just a touch of sugar.  I love that these juices are 100% natural.  The average person consumes nearly 22 teaspoons of sugar every single day. That’s nearly four times the amount recommended for women and nearly two and a half times the recommended amount of sugar for men! Reduced sugar products are a fantastic alternative when they contain natural sweeteners like stevia.

Cranberry Naturals come in a variety of different flavors including Cranberry, Cranberry Blueberry, Cranberry Pomegranate, Cranberry Grape, Cranberry Apple and Cranberry Raspberry. I received both the Cranberry Blueberry and the Cranberry Raspberry flavors. My kids aren’t all that fond of stevia on food but they couldn’t taste it at all in these juices. My son kept coming back to fill up his cup again so I’m guessing he really enjoyed the taste. I love it because normally he is the first one to ask for unhealthy drinks that his friends get to drink. Finally, I found an all natural juice that he actually wants to drink. Head over to Old Orchard’s site and print off a coupon for Cranberry Naturals all natural juice.

Valentine Berry Mousse recipe

Check out the Valentine Berry Mousse I made using Cranberry Naturals juice.

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