Green Ways to Care for Your Jewelry at Home Properly

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Are you looking for green ways to care for your jewelry? I love wearing jewelry to accent my outfit so jewelry care is important.  Nothing dresses up a pair of flats more than a sparkly anklet or dresses up a […]

20 Recipes Using Leftover Beef for Busy Weekdays

These recipes using leftover beef are the perfect choice for busy weekdays. I’d love to have time to spend hours each night preparing a healthy meal for my family. But, I don’t. Between work, family responsibilities and taking care of the house, I want relatively simple healthy dinners that my family will love. This post […]

Ten Simple Tips to Help Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

Are you trying to get your kids to eat vegetables without World War II at the kitchen table? I won’t lie to you. My children are really not all that fond of vegetables. Sure they have a few select veggies that they like. These include the favorite corn on the cob and carrot sticks. I […]

Lemon Maple Zucchini Bread Recipe With Gluten Free Option

You’re going to love my Lemon Maple Zucchini Bread! Is anyone else overwhelmed with zucchini but me? We only planted ONE zucchini plant so that this wouldn’t happen. But, it’s gone crazy. And, then the neighbor brought over a bag of zucchini and summer squash because she had too much. And, I just couldn’t say […]

4 Fun Family Bonding Activities with NASCAR Acceleration Nation

Finding fun family bonding activities that everyone will enjoy can be a challenge especially as the kids get older. But spending time together as a family is important. Bonding time is important for both kids and parents even as the kids become teens and young adults. Children who experience family bonding time often perform better […]

Healthy Thyroid Diet and Simple Tips for Thyroid Support

If you’ve been searching for a healthy thyroid diet, you may be wondering exactly how what you eat impacts how you feel. Our diet has a huge impact on how we feel in many cases which is why it’s so important to be aware of what we’re eating and where our food comes from. Your […]

Top 10 Ways to Relieve Stress Naturally but Effectively

What are the top 10 ways to relieve stress? I’m sharing my thoughts but it’s possible that yours are different. Stress is something we all deal with. It’s our body’s response to a fight or flight situation. While some stresses are good like the birth of a new baby or a promotion at work, some […]

How to Marinate Chicken With Yogurt for the Grill

Have you ever wondered how to marinate chicken with yogurt? My father loves to grill, so when we were invited over for dinner, I offered to bring the chicken. Everyone loves grilled chicken especially when I make it with my special yogurt marinade. Yogurt is often chosen as a marinade because it helps tenderize meat. […]

Sweet Cucumber Sandwich Pickles & 13 Delicious Pickle Recipes

These Sweet Cucumber Sandwich Pickles are a family favorite. Every year, it seems like we have far too many cucumbers to eat in salads. While we snack on cucumbers too, I always look forward to making pickled cucumbers. Everyone has a favorite type of pickle recipe but these sweet pickles are loved by just about […]

How to Clean Vinyl Sheet Flooring Easily and Naturally

When we completely remodeled our kitchen last year, I had to figure out how to clean vinyl sheet flooring. Our very old and damaged wood floor was removed – all the way down to the basement – and replaced. Since I want my flooring to last as long as possible, I checked with the installer […]