Help improve air quality with Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters

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Both Sarah and I have allergies and asthma. That means that it’s especially important that we be aware of the quality of the air we’re breathing. Something as simple as a humid day combined with cooking odors or pet odors can bother both of us. I love to cook but I don’t love the odors that cooking can leave behind in the kitchen. Things like onions and fish have a way of spreading through the whole house and lingering on longer than I want them to.  Often people will light candles to help hide odors but that doesn’t help to improve the air quality. It just masks the odors and sometimes the candle scents can even set off allergies.  Even though we are very careful to keep the cat box clean, with three cats it’s sometimes impossible not to have some sort of pet odors.  We also brush them regularly to help keep the shedding to a minimum which helps our allergies.

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Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters help remove odors from your home so that there is no need to try to mask them with candles or air fresheners.   Not only do they help remove odors, they also improve indoor air quality and help to reduce airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris from the air passing through the filters.  Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters are really a two in one product.  They have a unique two-sided design, with one side that captures large airborne particles and the second side that removes household odors.  This unique filter uses a special carbon web technology that combines tiny pores of activated carbon with electrostatically charged fibers to help trap odors and gases.  That helps keep them out of the air that you’re breathing.

Here are a few tips that will help you improve your air quality:

Cooking Odors:  Prevent unappealing cooking odors, such as fish, from spreading and lingering throughout the entire home by upgrading to the Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter. It traps odors and gases from the air passing through the filter and helps keep the home fresh for families and houseguests. Synthetic air fresheners, candles and incense only provide temporary relief from odors by masking them in one particular room but will do nothing to remove the odors from the entire home.

Pet odors: Furry companions are considered family members to many — 72 percent of American households today own either a dog or a cat1. Reduce the unpleasant smell of pet dander by bathing and grooming your pet weekly and establishing pet-free zones in the home, such as the bedroom.

There are many benefits to using Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters besides the reduction of odors:

• 65 times more effective than other carbon filters at removing odors, such as those from cooking, tobacco smoke, pets, mildew and cleaning chemicals.
• Starts to remove even the strongest odors in minutes, after the furnace fan is turned on
• Captures large airborne allergens such as household dust, pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris
• Captures microscopic particles such as smoke, pet dander and smog
• Last up to three months for odor removal and particle capture for air passing through the filter

Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters can be purchased at select home centers, hardware and grocery stores nationwide. They can also be purchased online.  The suggested retail price is $15.99. Make sure you sign up for their newsletter to receive money saving offers and coupons. They’ll even remind you when it’s time to change your filters!

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