Can We Stop or Reverse the Effects of Climate Change?

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Can we stop or reverse the effects of climate change? No matter where you live, chances are you have heard someone talking about climate change. The polar ice caps are shrinking. Temperatures are rising. Permafrost is melting and releasing gasses into our environment. Weather patterns are changing. The discussion about the effects seems to be never ending. 

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Can We Stop or Reverse the Effects of Climate Change?

Stop or Reverse the Effects of Climate Change

Even here in Vermont, in my rural community, I’ve been hearing about climate change. Did you know that the average temperature here in Vermont has risen 1.3 degrees since the 1960s? Or, that New England is experiencing a higher rate of climate change than other parts of the country? Our winters are warmer for the most part. Spring is starting earlier and fall is lasting longer. Wet places are getting wetter and precipitation has gone up almost 6 inches a year since the 1960s in Vermont.

Thankfully, there is an innovative idea that may stop or reverse climate change. We all know what we need to do. We need to make better choices. We need sustainable solutions. We need to recycle more. Stop using disposables. Look for greener answers to our problems. We need to slow down our consumption to slow down our CO2 emissions.

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We need carbon dioxide for our trees and plants to grow. They absorb carbon dioxide and release the oxygen that we need to breathe. But, without help, our forests are close to CO2 neutral. That means they take in and release almost similar amounts of carbon during their life span.

With the help of the OBRIST C-Transformer, our forests will be revitalized and able to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere for the long term. It’s a machine concept that will help nature do what nature does best. Just a little bit faster. Actually, a lot faster.

How? Before a tree dies and releases its carbon, which has been stored in its wood during its life span back into the atmosphere, the OBRIST C-Transformer will turn its trunk into biochar and introduce it into the forest’s ground. That way, the carbon improves soil fertility and the release of carbon back into our atmosphere is prevented which helps our CO2 levels.

We have a solution and you can help them reach the next level. Get involved. Be a part of the development and let’s walk this path together. You can help by donating to their Indiegogo campaign and sharing this blog post or the video I embedded above.

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  1. We still have carbon working its way through the environment from the dawn of the industrial age in the early 1800s. It will be difficult....

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