Challenges When It Comes To Exercising

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I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SAMInYourPants

Exercising isn’t my favorite afternoon pastime. I’d much rather be reading a book, playing games on my iPhone, taking a nap or even grocery shopping. Unfortunately, if I want to keep off the weight and stay in shape, exercising is one of those things that I make myself do. Like mopping the floor and paying taxes.  You just have to do it.

Challenges When It Comes To Exercising #SAMInYourPants

Challenges When It Comes To Exercising

There are a lot of challenges when it comes to exercising especially when you are over 40.  I’m sure you can name five or ten fairly easily.   How about avoiding the gym because all of the twenty year old college kids make you feel old and flabby? Or maybe your challenge is never having enough hours in your day to exercise after you’ve taken care of everyone else? Possibly you just think exercise is really boring and you’d rather not do it?

Those are all challenges I have felt at one time or another. Do you want to know what one of the biggest challenges when it comes to exercising is? For me, it’s those little “accidents” that happen when you’re really pushing yourself through a workout.

Challenges When It Comes To Exercising #SAMInYourPants

You know what I mean, right? The kids are in bed. You’ve got your yoga mat and your weights. The workout DVD is in the DVD player. You’ve got that cute exercise outfit on and you’ve banished your husband to the other room. You’re really getting into your workout and you feel it happen.  You need to stop, change, and start over. Or maybe you give up?

Light bladder leakage (LBL) isn’t something I ever thought I’d have to deal with. Sure it was an issue once or twice when I was pregnant but that was a long time ago. I certainly never thought that I’d have to deal with it again – especially not at 47.  I started to do a little bit of research and learned that light bladder leakage can happen as you age. Weak pelvic floor muscles can be caused by menopause (or pregnancies).   Did you know that stress can even be a cause of light bladder leakage? I know I have my share of stress in my life right now.

Challenges When It Comes To Exercising #SAMInYourPants

I don’t plan on letting this little challenge get in the way of my fitness goals.  Poise Microliners are made for light bladder leakage protection. They’re incredibly thin and discreet – even when you’re wearing exercise gear. Try them for yourself. Just request a free Poise Microliner sample.


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says
    Thankfully I Have never had those issues myself, but there are a few moms in my zumba class that groan everytime a song with jumps comes on.
  2. Dawn Lopez says
    I definitely struggle with getting my exercise on. As a matter of fact, I am supposed to be doing my Zumba video right now, but I am really procrastinating badly!  Thanks for the free sample! These sound great!
  3. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says
    So many things can get in the way, I love products that work to help us reach our goals!
  4. anna critchley says
    It's great you don't let things like that hold you back! 
  5. Mama to 5 BLessings says
    I so need to try these, after having 5 children my bladder is just not the same!
  6. I was at the gym today and there were MANY 20 something college kids and I felt SO old! Yes, there are many challenges to working out at 40+!
  7. I had problems with LBL after having kids, because they bounced all over my bladder. I love how thin these liners are, so many make you feel like you are wearing a diaper.
  8. Nicole Brady says
    I don't let these issues get in my way of exercising... I usually just make extra trips to the restroom. I have some liners but they aren't these ultra thin microliners. I think these would be much nicer to use!
  9. I need to try Poise! I have 5 kids, so I just need them in general when I
  10. Amy Desrosiers says
    I love wearing liners when I work out! The weather is not getting any cooler so it is a must for workouts.
  11. Those are so thin i need to try them.
  12. I had many instances when I was pregnant and since I feel insecure. These would really help, especially when doing squats and stuff. Thanks for sharing. 
  13. Amber Edwards says
    I love how thin those are! I seriously need some for my workouts! I'm so tired of those little accidents. 
  14. Kayla @ TheEclecticElement says
    LBL affects not only older but younger woman as well! It's such a frustrating occurrence, too! It's really nice to know discreet and comfortable products like Poise are out there to help woman gain back their confidence :)
    • Ellen Christian says
      I had no idea that it effected women as part of the aging process. I know I'm not alone now.
  15. I don't deal with this yet, amazing how thin they are!! I am curious what water bottle that is? I have something similar but that looks great.
  16. I am glad you found a way to keep exercising!
  17. Aimee Smith says
    These are great! I love how thin they are!
  18. I used micro-liners all through this past pregnancy and it was such a relief. Whew! No surprises at all :)
  19. Jennifer Soltys says
    Great idea for working out! I love that they are so thin and definitely won't get in the way at all!
  20. The joys of aging aren't really joys at all! Thank goodness for discreet protection!
  21. yeah I have had to stop a workout because I needed to wee. I like poise and think the product is great. Soft and gentle on the skin
  22. Shelley Zurek says
    I can see how great it would be for exercise. I have the worst time when my husband I go out for a walk.  I have to make sure to empty my bladder before we go and I know I could still use these.  
  23. Yes, I come up with 1000 reasons per day not to exercise and this is one of them. I keep plugging away as I mumble but I totally get what you're saying here. 
  24. Michele Brosius says
    UUGGHH why does stress have to cause so many problems! EEEK! I just want to "Don't Worry Be Happy" (wishful thinking)!  Exercise is a definite trigger of LBL for me & I do use it as an excuse. Trying to get better!
  25. Rita O'Neal says
    Exercising is my only little issue besides allergies and sneezing. If I exercised more, I'm sure I would be more annoyed with the issue. 

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