Build Your Own Slider Bars

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Have you ever thought about build your own slider bars? This is a simple idea for any type of party or get-together. It works well for kids, teens, and adults. Best of all, the clean-up is minimal and it’s easier to entertain large numbers of people at once than with a sit-down meal. 

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Build Your Own Slider Bar With These Simple Tips

Build Your Own Slider Bar

When it comes to game-day entertaining, there’s no better way to feed the frenzy than by using traditional favorite foods, like Popcorn Fish, BBQ, and meatballs in an all-new way. The recipes have to be simple to prepare (of course!) so no one misses a second of the game. What brings these three favorites together? A build-your-own-slider bar.

Build your own slider bar with these simple tips

How do you make a slider bar?

To create a game-winning slider bar, place dishes of warm Popcorn Fish, BBQ and meatballs dishes on a table. Warm buns in the oven and place in a basket alongside the all-star dishes. Then, offer guests a variety of favorite toppings (slaw, tomato slices, lettuce, tartar sauce, marinara sauce, and cheese, just to name a few) and place on the table. Fans can assemble their snacks as they please and no one goes home hungry!

What do you put on a slider bar?

One of the best tips that I have to share with you is to offer lots of different options. You can have pre-made sliders if your guests want to grab the basics. But, half the fun of making a slider is putting on what you want.

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Also, be sure to consider food allergies and preferences when putting together your slider bar. You will want to offer a vegetarian option for those that don’t want meat. And, you may want to consider a few gluten-free slider rolls for those that are gluten intolerant.


Remember that sliders alone will not make your guests happy. Be sure to include a few side dishes like three cheese macaroni and cheese or homemade cole slaw. And, how about these delicious salted caramel brownies.

a woman carrying a platter of sliders from a build your own slider bar

How to serve sliders on a buffet

Sometimes, there’s more food than can be cooked at one time. In this situation, sliders are a great way to keep the buffet table filled. Here’s a recipe for how to serve sliders on a buffet:

  • Cook hamburger meat and place it in slider buns
  • Place the slider buns on a tray with plates and utensils
  • Keep the tray out by the stove
  • When someone wants some sliders, slice open an empty bun with a knife and then put on some of the meat from the stove
  • Top the slider with cheese if desired
  • Cover it with a top bun and serve on a plate

This will allow your buffet table to stay full of sliders without requiring you to cook one at a time. Just place the buns out for people to grab, so they can prepare their own sliders whenever they like.

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