Blogging for Beginners and Beyond – Clear the Stumbleupon Toolbar

Blogging for beginners and beyond sounds like a book that someone needs to write.  Since I don’t have a book, I thought I’d share some information that should be in a blogging for beginners book.  If you have been blogging for a while, chances are you use Stumbleupon to get more traffic to your blog posts.  Stumbleupon is a site that basically allows you to find new webpages to visit based on your interests.  You have the chance to view content that’s already been discovered and discover new content.  You can also review and share content with other people who follow you. By having other people discover (or submit) your content to Stumbleupon, your site will be shared to and read by others.

Blogging for beginners StumbleBar

Blogging for Beginners and Beyond

Many people find that the easiest way to discover, share, and read content on Stumbleupon is by using the StumbleBar which is the toolbar for Stumbleupon. This toolbar keeps a running count of how many webpages have been shared with you. You should go through the webpages daily to view them to keep the number under control. See the number next to the house on my StumbleBar above?  It is a zero because I have viewed all of the webpages others have shared with me.

If you ignore the number for a while, it will keep rising until it gets to 501 which is the maximum the toolbar will store. At that point, you find yourself with the daunting task of going through 501 webpages to return the number to zero so you can receive more shares. There’s an easier way!

    • Go to your Stumbleupon home page and log in.
    • At the top of your page, you will see Shares. Click on that.
    • You will see All, Received, and Sent.  Click on Received.

Blogging for beginners Stumbleupon

  • You will see all of the webpages that someone has shared with you. New webpages will have an orange flag showing they are new.
  • If you have a large amount of webpages backed up and you don’t have time to go through each one, you can mark the webpage read by clicking on the orange flag.
  • Note that this will not thumbs up or share the post with anyone. It is simply a way for you to quickly clear your StumbleBar.
  • Click on every orange flag to mark the post read until there are no more orange flags. Your number should be reset to zero and you can begin doing the webpages as you see them in your StumbleBar each day.

Blogging for beginners Stumbleupon

To use the StumbleBar effectively once you are caught up:

  • As the StumbleBar shows you have a webpage to view, click on the number.
  • You will see a drop down box that shows you New Shares.
  • Under Most Recent, you will see who has shared a webpage with you.  Click on that.
  • That will bring you to the webpage that was shared with you.
  • As you view each webpage, if it’s a webpage you enjoy, click the thumbs up symbol on the left side of the StumbleBar to let others know. It will turn blue once you’ve clicked on it.
  • After you have viewed/thumbs upped that webpage, click on the Next on the right hand side of the StumbleBar and it will bring you to the next webpage.
  • When the number is zero, you have viewed all of the webpages that have been shared with you.

I hope that these blogging for beginners tips will help you understand Stumbleupon and help you clear the Stumbleupon Toolbar.  If you’re not already following me, please follow me on Stumbleupon here.  If you found this post helpful, please tell your friends by re-tweeting below.

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  1. I also check my shares daily to keep them under control. I have been in the situation where I had to go through 500 shares when I first started SU and had no clue that people were even sharing posts with me. 
    • Ellen Christian says:
      Daily is really the best way to go, Stacie.  It's always best if you can review & thumbs up each post but if you find yourself so overwhelmed that you're not using Stumbleupon at all, clearing it and beginning over is better than ignoring it.
  2. I had no idea you could do this. I didn't even know what the numbers up there were for. I have a lot of posts to go though. Hopefully I will manage to keep up with them now that i know.Thank you!
  3. Great post! SU has changed so much this past year! Thanks for sharing!
  4. No way! I have about 200 shares right now and I was wondering if there was a quicker way to go through all of them. Thanks!
  5. JanetGoingCrazy says:
    I really need to do this and then stay on top of it! There is just so much great info out there. There is just no way I could get to it all!
  6. Tiffany Cruz says:
    I can't seem to get caught up with what it shared with me. I need to get the number down to 0. I'm at 489 right now. I've got a ways to go still. You're right, there does need to be a book. So many people ask me how to get started blogging. I don't have the time to explain it all.
  7. I get really great traffic from stumbleupon so I try to use it every day!
  8. Thanks this is super helpful, I'm still a StumbleUpon newbie!
  9. I got behind once and never again, keeping it clear {or to a minimum} is key. Great post!

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