Diane has a chaotic life that includes work, husband, 2 kids, and more pets than she cares to admit. She is passionate about the environment but refuses to give up her high tech toys. She spends way too much on organic milk and local, grass fed beef but has a horrible Cheeto addiction and gets quite agitated when there is no more diet Coke in the house.

Music for Children – Give the Gift of an Ocarina

I’ve always been a huge supporter of music for children.  For 8 years as a child I played the flute in the school band. Yes, I was a band geek and loved every minute of it! I not only played flute but as I got older I bought myself a keyboard and dabbled a bit […]

M-Edge stylish protection for your electronics giveaway

Stylish protection for your electronics Last year my daughter got a Kindle Fire for Christmas.  Ever since then, it has become her new best friend!  It amazes me how technology savvy kids are today and she has quickly mastered things like managing her music, emailing friends, posting photos to Instagram and can even check books […]

Win a ReaderDock charging dock with speakers for Kindle Fire & Nook!

For Christmas last year, my daughter got a Kindle Fire.  I was a little hesitant about getting her one but she is so into reading, music and email that I figured it would be the perfect gift.  She loved it and is rarely without it these days.  Unfortunately, it has yet to find a *home* […]