DIY Gifts for Essential Oil Lovers

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Looking for essential oil crafts to destress with? Essential oils can be diffused in a diffuser, many can be added to our bath, and some can be taken orally. I generally create scented products using essential oils to enjoy at home.  

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These same crafts can easily be given as easy homemade gift ideas. Check out these DIY gifts for essential oil lovers.

Essential Oil Crafts to Destress With and Give as Gifts


15 Essential Oil Crafts to Destress With

Interesting fact: Aromatherapy has been used for over 6000 years, first by the Chinese who used to burn special herbs to promote harmony and well-being.

Modern-day aromatherapy using essential oils is a continuation of that practice. If you’re looking for essential oil crafts to destress with, why not try this relaxing essential oil blend for a peaceful evening.

It uses two of my favorite essential oils and is so easy to make in just a few minutes. Or, why not make your own essential oil diffuser to diffuse at home.

15 Essential Oil Crafts to Destress With

Of course, the benefit of creating these crafts with essential oils is that you can enjoy the scent from the oils as you craft. I always enjoy getting homemade gifts from friends and family and one of my goals this year is to make more gifts rather than buy them.

Today, I’m sharing a few essential oil crafts to destress with that would make good gifts. Remember, you can always put a few small items in a basket with a bath puff, some herbal tea, warm fuzzy socks, and some homemade chocolates.

Easy DIY Sugar Scrub With Essential Oils

DIY gifts for essential oil lovers

Cinnamon pine cones with essential oils are a festive way to celebrate the holidays. Just add them to a wicker basket for a pretty gift idea. You can add a box of hot chocolate and a pretty Christmas mug for a great gift for a cozy night at home.

Who loves a long, relaxing bath at the end of the day? Why not make this DIY sugar scrub with essential oils and eliminate dry, rough skin while you relax. There is nothing better for your skin than exfoliation. 

towels, herbs and essential oils

If you’d prefer a shower rather than a bath, then check out these essential oil shower melts from Our Oily House. This would be a wonderful gift idea. You could also add a bathrobe and some warm fuzzy slippers or even a set of towels.

The calming and relaxing oil blend will be perfect for an essential oil craft to destress with.

Essential oil crafts to destress with on the go

I love this DIY essential oil car diffuser! What a fun idea to bring your favorite essential oil along with you in the car. You can get the full directions from Recipes with Essential Oils.

She uses Frankincense essential oil. But, I would probably choose chamomile or lavender to destress with.

woman wearing a bracelet

Did you know that you can make solid perfume with your favorite essential oil? It’s so easy to do. And, you will never need to buy expensive perfume again.

Of course, you can use your favorite perfume in place of the essential oils if you want to.

Essential Oil Crafts to Destress With and Give as Gifts

If you’re looking for a stylish DIY gift for essential oil lovers, why not try this diffuser bracelet from Living Well Mom. This is such a great idea for women on the go. And, I love the clay and lava beads she chose.

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Bath Bomb Instructions Using Chamomile and Rose Hips

Essential oils for bath bombs

Of course, you can always use essential oils for bath bombs. There is nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than taking a bath with your favorite bath bomb. So, check out these bath bombs instructions using chamomile and rose hips.

Essential Oil Crafts to Destress With and Give as Gifts

Calming crafts for adults

So, if crafting helps you relax and you want a few calming crafts for adults to work on, consider the types of things you enjoy doing. Doing arts and crafts for anxiety is very popular.

But, the type of craft you choose to do will really depend on your preferences. My daughter loves to crochet. But, for me, crochet is not relaxing. I enjoy journaling when I’m stressed out.

If you’re looking for crafts for art therapy, consider creating a college, learning to paint, or making a visual reminder like a bracelet to help you focus.

So, I hope I’ve given you a few ideas if you’re looking for essential oil crafts to destress with.

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