How to See a Virtual Exterior Design of Your Home

Have you ever wondered how to see a virtual exterior design of your home? I’m horrible at visualizing. We’re remodeling our home and one of the challenges I’m facing is that I cannot picture what a change will look like in my head. I can look at all the tile, cabinets and siding available, but […]

How to Encourage Positive Risk Taking

Most parents hear the words risk taking and think of something negative and impulsive. Not all risks are negative and learning how to encourage positive risk taking in our children is important for their growth and success. Children that are afraid to take any risks at all often have a difficult time making friends, learning […]

How to Install a Showerhead with Hand Shower

One of the projects I tackled recently was learning how to install a showerhead with hand shower in our shower. Before installing this, we had a traditional showerhead that worked fine, but it didn’t have the water efficiency that we wanted. We are working on a few simple DIY projects this year to make our home […]

How to Enjoy Life After Children Leave Home

Life after children leave home? For a while, I wasn’t sure it was something I was going to enjoy. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t enjoy changes. I’m one of those people who does the same thing, at the same time, every single day. For years, I followed the same routine and for the […]

How to Discuss Social Media FOMO With Your Teens

Have you had to discuss social media FOMO with your teens? Or is it a problem that you’re struggling with yourself? Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s something that many children, teens, and even adults struggle with every day. It’s that fear that someone else is doing or seeing […]

The Best Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill Quickly

I’m sharing a few ways to reduce your electric bill that Marty and I have been looking into. We have a number of projects that we need to work on around the house this year and in order to do that, I’m trying to spend a bit less each month. We don’t have any debt […]

How to Choose New Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

This post about new custom kitchen cabinetry is sponsored by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own. Marty and I are remodeling the kitchen this year and have been looking into how to choose new custom kitchen cabinetry. Our home […]

How to Manage Life With an Autoimmune Disease

Learning how to manage life with an autoimmune disease takes time and practice. Most autoimmune diseases are invisible. You cannot look at someone and tell that they have one. I doubt that anyone would be able to look at me and realize that I’m one of many women who has an autoimmune disease. But, I do. […]

How to Choose the Best Edible Flowers to Grow

Have you ever considered adding a few of the best edible flowers to your vegetable garden? One a blog trip I went on a few years ago, the salad I enjoyed was topped with gorgeous edible flowers. While I’d heard of eating flowers before, at that point I had never tried it, and I wasn’t […]

How to Explain Memorial Day Etiquette to Kids

What exactly is Memorial Day etiquette? Before you head out this year to the parade or celebration in your town, take a few moments to understand the expected way to behave so you can be certain your children understand. My Father retired from the Navy so Memorial Day in our home has always been a […]