What to Plant in Window Boxes for Spring

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Have you ever wondered what to plant in window boxes for spring along the front of your home? I have always thought that window boxes were a gorgeous landscaping accent.

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Plus, they are much easier to care for than a traditional flower bed because there is less weeding involved. I’m considering adding a few window boxes to the front of our chicken coop this spring for added color.

What to Plant in Window Boxes for Spring

What to Plant in Window Boxes for Spring

If you’re thinking about planting in window boxes for spring and would like some suggestions for edibles to grow, I have a few ideas. There are some things that you can easily grow in your window boxes, but not everything will grow well. Window boxes don’t have a lot of depth to them, so you don’t want to plant something huge like a tomato in your window box or it won’t have enough room for its root system or enough soil to get nutrients from.

I love this indoor and outdoor window box. Or, this outdoor window box is similar to the ones I’ve used in the past.

Leaf Lettuce and Greens

Leaf lettuce is an ideal choice to plant in a window box. It’s relatively compact with a shallow root system. There are lots of different varieties of leaf lettuce so you can choose several types to make a great summer salad. My personal favorites are arugula and baby spinach.

Growing salad greens is very simple for beginners.

Sweet or Purple Basil

Basil is an excellent herb to grow in a window box. We use tons of fresh basil because we love Italian cooking and like to make our spaghetti sauce. A window box on the front of the house in a sunny spot would be ideal for a compact basil plant. If you want something with a bit of color, you can choose cinnamon basil or purple basil instead of the standard green.

Pansies or Johnny Jump Ups

Pansies are beautiful flowers whose petals are also edible. They can be grown in partial shade and work great in a window box. Their close cousin Johnny Jump Ups are a smaller version of the pansy and also edible. They come in a lot of different colors and would brighten up any window box. Try mixing purple and yellow flowers for a great pop of color.

This is one of my favorite ideas for window boxes for spring.

Peppermint or Spearmint

Any mint is excellent in a window box. Because these grow every aggressively, a container is a perfect place to keep them from taking over your garden. I have grown spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint and apple mint. All are beautifully fragrant, and you can dry them for herbal teas. It does need a lot of sunshine so make sure you pick a sunny side of your house.

No matter what you’re thinking of for your garden this spring, consider adding a window box or two to the front of your house for some added color and variety. Remember, a window box can easily be added to a fire escape as well as a window.

What is your favorite plant to add to window boxes for spring? Do you have any ideas for window boxes other than flowers?

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  1. i am going to do more boxes and containers this year. i wrote a post on rose geranium which would be lovely in a window box.

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