Waterfalls in Vermont – North Breton Brook

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Looking for waterfalls in Vermont? I’m a huge history fan so I will start you out with a bit of history.  So, keep reading to learn more about Vermont waterfalls.

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Waterfalls in Vermont - North Breton Brook Dam & Waterfall
North Breton Brook Waterfall in the summer

Waterfalls in Vermont – North Breton Brook

Castleton is a small town in central Vermont (Rutland County) that dates back to 1770. In May of 1775, Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys met in Castleton, Vermont with Benedict Arnold to plan their next day’s attack on Fort Ticonderoga (New York).

The first medical school in Vermont was founded in Castleton in 1818 and is the current site of our library.  Castleton has a lot of different historical homes and museums. Castleton is still the home of several slate, marble and granite quarries.

Historic Castleton VT

Historically, Castleton was divided into several different areas. The district that I live in was called North Breton (or Britain) as early as 1772.  North Breton Book runs from Hubbardton (to the north) down the East Hubbardton Road, which used to be called North Breton Road.

North Breton Brook joins the Castleton River near the base of the East Hubbardton Road by Route 4A.

I live off East Hubbardton Road in a small 1865 farmhouse.  It is the former home of Charles Bassett. He used to own a sawmill and much of the acreage around my home.

Breton Brook Dam

The original owners have sold off part of the property. The dam on North Breton Brook is thought to be the location of Bassett’s sawmill (1876 – 1940s). The dam on North Breton Brook creates a waterfall.  

Since it is man-made, I am not sure whether it is officially considered one of the waterfalls in Vermont or not.  But, it’s a gorgeous place just the same.

Waterfalls in Vermont - North Breton Brook
North Breton Brook

The Blue Hole

A bit downstream from the dam is a deep mill pond. The locals refer to it as the Blue Hole due to the color of the water.  It’s one of the most popular swimming spots in the area for local kids.

While the waterfall, brook and mill pond are all on various private properties, they remain popular sites to visit in the spring and summer. If you enjoy geocaching, there are a number of different caches along the waterfall and brook that you can search for.

Park the car and take a walk down East Hubbardton Road to enjoy the view of the brook.

Waterfalls in Vermont - North Breton Brook
Sticks & debris collecting at the top. Each year, the owners remove it.

The level of water over the dam varies depending on what time of year it is.  During the early spring, when the snow is melting on the mountain, the water surges.

Water rushes over the dam.  When the level gets too high, the brook floods several spots on East Hubbardton Road.

Waterfalls in Vermont - North Breton Brook
Evening view of the waterfall in the early spring

If you’re looking for one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vermont, I definitely recommend you visit the North Breton Brook.  Park your car at the Park & Ride at the end of the road and take a walk for a few miles to enjoy the scenery.

It would be fun to find a Vermont waterfalls map and check out a few more.  So, you should definitely stop by and see it.

Waterfalls in Vermont - quarry
One of the many quarries in the area

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  1. So beautiful, Ellen. Makes me want to go back and visit Vermont. I remember visiting with my mom back in my college days, and it was beautiful. That is so cool that you live in such a historic home and area. I bet there are a lot of stories that house could tell. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in this week's issue.
  2. My mom loved waterfalls and we would hunt for them all over Ohio when I was younger. I still love them to this day. I am just awed by their beauty.
  3. Wow I need to go to Vermont! I'm moving closer to your neck of the woods so we'll be within driving distance to the state! I'd love to spend a day at that waterfall.

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