How to See a Virtual Exterior Design

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Have you ever wondered how to see a virtual exterior design of your home? This is the best exterior design software out there.

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I’m horrible at visualizing. We’re remodeling our home and one of the challenges I’m facing is that I cannot picture what a change will look like in my head. I can look at all the tile, cabinets, and siding available, but being able to actually “see” what it will look like when the project is done is just next to impossible for me. 

How to See a Virtual Exterior Design of Your Home

How to See a Virtual Exterior Design 

I’m a very visual person so when I can’t see what the end result will look like, it takes me forever to make a decision. Being able to see a virtual exterior design of your home or your home improvement project would really make the process much simpler.

If you’re considering upgrading the exterior of your home by adding siding, you can use the Design Planner to see a free virtual exterior design of your home. The process is so simple. You just upload a photo of your home. This is mine:

How to See a Virtual Exterior Design of Your Home

Then you mark the area of your photograph that you want to see the virtual exterior design for. I selected the whole front of my house. And, then used the eraser tool to remove the siding from the doors and windows. It’s super easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

editing a look of your home with software

After you remove all of the doors and windows, you can see how your home will look with a variety of different siding options including cedar shakes, siding, stone, and brick.  I had mentioned that I really liked cedar shakes. And,  the virtual exterior design gave me the opportunity to see what my home would look like with blue cedar shakes.

I love the deep shadow lines that give it a premium appearance. This option offers the beauty of natural cedar texture with the durability of a treated engineered wood product. I really need something that can withstand the harsh winter elements.

changing the exterior of a home on a computer

After seeing that, I started to wonder what my home would look like with a different type of siding so I selected brick to see what that would look like. I’m not sure this is for me.

a home inside the virtual exterior design software

LP Smart Side

And, while I don’t think that brick is something I want to go with, I was impressed with the way that silver looked on my home. You can see it at the top of the post. All of these options are from LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding.

LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding offers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of LP engineered wood. It’s a complete line of high-performance trim and siding products to complement almost any building style.

All LP SmartSide products feature the innovative, SmartGuard® manufacturing process for strength and to resist fungal decay and termites.  Ask for a quote, find a local retailer or contractor, or request/download a brochure.

Have you ever wondered how to see a virtual exterior design of your home? This is the best exterior design software out there.

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  1. I would like to remodel the kitchen but in reality I will probably do an update on the master the bath. 
  2. This is really a great, convenient option! I'd like to remodel my garage, putting in a carport and using the garage as a guest room/family room area.  My SIL needs to remodel her wood siding, but is hesitant to get vinyl. I will tell her about the virtual exterior design! 
  3. Actually I'd like the hubby to FINISH the yurt before I start thinking about remodeling. heh That is a really cool app though. I'm one of those lucky people who can see beyond 
  4. I would love to redo my fireplace because it does not make a statement and is very plain.I would also like to finish our back patio area to make it a great place to sit instead of a blah place. I love the way you this works so that you can see how it looks before you commit a large amount of money to a project. 

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