How to Encourage Positive Risk Taking

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Most parents hear the words risk taking and think of something negative and impulsive. Not all risks are negative and learning how to encourage positive risk taking in our children is important for their growth and success. Children that are afraid to take any risks at all often have a difficult time making friends, learning new skills and expressing their feelings.

How to Encourage Positive Risk Taking

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How to Encourage Positive Risk Taking

I didn’t learn how to swim until I was almost a teenager. I was so afraid of the water that I wouldn’t go near it even though there were instructors there to teach us to swim and the beach had lifeguards and was completely safe. Overcoming my fear in a supervised situation would have been a very safe and positive risk to take that would have helped me with my self-confidence.

From your toddler’s first step to the first time your child attends an overnight camp, positive risks are a vital part of growing and maturing. Through everyday challenges, our children learn coping skills and valuable life lessons. As parents, we want to protect our children, but it’s important that we encourage them to take safe, supervised risks that will help them grow.

One of the best ways to encourage positive risk taking is by allowing our children to take risks in supervised situations. So, in my case learning to swim in a supervised area with qualified instructors was a safe risk I should have taken. Jumping off a dock at an unsupervised beach would not have.

If you’re interested in encouraging your child to become more independent and more creative, you may want to consider allowing them to attend Circus Smirkus Smirkling Camp. Geared toward families who are new to camp or new to circus, this two-day overnight session for kids, ages 6 to 9, is a great experience for young campers and parents alike. With the support of the devoted counselors and staff, not only will Smirkling campers learn amazing new circus tricks, but they’ll also get to experience the excitement of sleeping away from home, meeting new friends, singing silly camp songs, dressing up for dinner and of course, getting the opportunity to pie their counselors, coaches or parents at the end of the session!

An incredible Vermont summer of circus fun awaits you at Circus Smirkus Camp! You’ll feel the magic the moment you step inside one of the spectacular European Big Top Tents set amongst the lush, green hills of Vermont. It’s a kid’s dream come true! The Circus Smirkus circus professionals welcome you to a vast array of circus arts:
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11 thoughts on “How to Encourage Positive Risk Taking”

  1. What a fun camp and a happy camp too! Wish it was for adults....looks like something fun that I want to do! Darn it... I'm the wrong age!
    • Kristi- you can be an adult and and have some fun -- Smirkus Camp does have an "adult camp"!  This year it will be held August 22-24.  Info can be found at:
  2. This is a great post, my middle is super cautious always has been - thinking maybe it's part of aspergers? But as he gets older and we work more with him, he's stepping outside his comfort zone a bit more. Love it!
  3. What a fun camp for kids - I've got to look into seeing if there's a camp like this in Tennessee! I struggle with encouraging my girls to take risks... I'm a little overprotective, but I know something like this would definitely help.
  4. What a fun camp for kids to go to!! I know my kids loved going to camp when ever they could during summer vacations! 

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