Valentine Table Decorating Ideas

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Valentine table decorating doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. Try these easy romantic table decorations today and see.

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a table set with Valentine table decorations

Valentine Table Decorating Ideas

While I’d love to go out to an expensive restaurant for Valentine’s Day, I know that we’ll be spending it at home instead. That doesn’t mean that I can’t come up with some impressive Valentine table setting ideas and menus to make the night special.

Setting a romantic table can be as simple as bringing out the cloth napkins and table cloth. Here are a few simple Valentine table decorations ideas to turn your evening at home into a special night.

Whether it’s you and that special someone or you and the kids, there is no reason that you can’t make the table a bit fancier to decorate for Valentine’s Day. Just choose the tips that work best for what you have on hand.

How do you set a table for Valentine’s Day?

Set the table using cloth napkins, a tablecloth, and placemats. If you use these regularly, see if you can pick up a new set in a romantic red or floral pattern for this special evening. These placemats would work for a romantic dinner or dinner with the kids.

Valentine table decorations ideas don't have to be time-consuming. Try these easy romantic table setting ideas today and see.

So, how do you decorate a romantic dinner table? Bring out the good china that isn’t normally used. Or, pick up a few vintage plates and glasses at the thrift store.

Keep your eyes open for red, pink, and gold accent pieces like baking dishes, dessert plates, a vase, or linens. Thrift stores are a perfect place to find holiday table settings.

How can I decorate for Valentine’s Day?

So, how can I decorate my table? Set the mood with candles.  If you have tapers and candlestick holders, those work wonderfully. You could create a centerpiece using glass votive holders as well.

Bring on the flowers. While red roses are as romantic as you can get, you can still set a beautiful table with carnations or any other type of flower.

For an eco-friendly idea, consider a potted plant with pretty red or pink flowers like an African violet.

a couple having a romantic picnic on the beach

Tips for a romantic dinner on a budget

If it’s warm enough in your area, consider a romantic lunch on the patio or a picnic in the park. You don’t need to have dinner at home unless you want to.

Remember the music. Don’t just turn on the radio. Commercials aren’t romantic.  Find a few romantic songs that you enjoy and make a playlist.

Create a menu card or place setting card to give your Valentine table a restaurant feel. This kit is so easy to use.

A table set with simple romantic table decorations

What to serve for Valentine’s Day?

Now that you have the Valentine table decorating down, you need to consider the menu.  A special Valentine’s Day menu doesn’t have to be expensive.   At a minimum, you will need a main dish, vegetable, starch and I recommend a dessert.  

For a frugal option, lemon rosemary chicken is simple and inexpensive to prepare.  If you want to serve something a bit different, you can serve scallops or go with a pasta dish like cheese ravioli.

For a vegetable, I’m partial to a fresh garden salad.  It can be made ahead of time and just brought to the table when it’s time to eat.  Starch can be as simple as a loaf of crusty bread or something more complex like my Pasta Puttanesca  

Dessert is my very favorite course and I’ve shared several of my favorite dessert recipes with you in the past.  For Valentine’s Day, I would recommend the Strawberry Brownie Trifle or the Air Fryer Baked Apples.

romantic breakfast in bed

Romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast

Don’t be afraid to be creative when thinking about Valentine table decorating and menus.  Maybe a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner would be difficult because the kids will be home.  If that’s the case, consider having a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast once you get them off to school.  

Make breakfast romantic by serving it in a cute heart-shaped baking dish. You could easily make miniature souffle or baked oatmeal in a dish like that.

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  1. Sounds like a special evening in. It's definitely more special and thoughtful to go through the trouble rather than just go to a restaurant, I think. 
  2. What great tips! This year will definitely be a night spent in with the kids... usually it's heart shaped mini pizzas that they "decorate" but now that they are older, I'm thinking we can branch into something a bit more elegant and save that for a weekend lunch :) Thanks for the share!

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