Celebrate Valentines Day Without Chocolate

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Can you have Valentines Day without chocolate? If you’re like many people, you’re trying to avoid chocolate. That can make holidays like Valentine’s Day a challenge. Whether you are trying to lose weight, watching your sugar, or just prefer not to eat candy, you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day!

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How to Celebrate Valentines Day Without Chocolate

Valentines Day Without Chocolate

My husband is diabetic, and I try to avoid sweets whenever possible. When we exchange Valentine’s Day gifts, we don’t buy each other chocolate.

We still want to get each other a gift, so we focus on things that aren’t edible. Of course, it’s just as acceptable to focus on an activity that you both want to do instead.

Valentine’s Day is really about showing the other person how much you care.

How to Celebrate Valentines Day Without Chocolate


I love flowers, absolutely love them. Since February in Vermont is winter, when my husband brings me flowers, he buys them. It’s just as nice to receive a bouquet of flowers from outside if you have them in February.

Or, go for a potted plant instead since they will last longer. Have you ever tried forcing flower bulbs?

gourmet coffee k-cups near a cup


I’m one of those people who is completely addicted to coffee so I will gladly accept a good quality coffee as a gift any day of the year including Valentine’s Day.

To make it special, you’ll want to choose something your sweetheart doesn’t normally buy at the grocery store. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the K-Cups from Intelligent Blends because they are recyclable.

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How to Celebrate Valentines Day Without Chocolate

Your Time

Like I mentioned above, you don’t need to give your Valentine a physical gift. Many people are working on minimalism and prefer not to receive something else that will need to be cared for.

If your special someone is one of those people, you can give them a gift of your time. Plan a trip to a museum, go out to a fancy restaurant, take a hike through the woods, or go on a long drive in the country.

Or, just stay home and make a romantic dinner yourself. Whatever you pick, make sure it’s something they’ll enjoy.

How to Celebrate Valentines Day Without Chocolate


There’s never a bad time to surprise that special person in your life with a piece of jewelry. Be certain that the person you shop for wears the type of jewelry you’re considering.

I never wear earrings but do enjoy charm bracelets and rings. Don’t worry about the price tag, instead, choose a special piece you know they’ll love.

A special piece of jewelry could help me be quite happy with Valentine’s Day without chocolate.

How to Celebrate Valentines Day Without Chocolate

a music box snow glob near a house plant

A Symbol

I love Precious Moments collectibles, and I have a few special pieces from when I was younger. Precious Moments offers figurines, ornaments, dolls, home decor, and more.

I’m partial to the music boxes and snow globes, but my Mom collects the ornaments. There really is something for everyone for every occasion, and I am so impressed with the quality and the beauty of the two items I received.

You can find Couple Under the Tree and You’re the Only Fish in my Sea on PreciousMoments.com.

How to Celebrate Valentines Day Without Chocolate

Healthy Treats

If you have a child in grade school, it’s probably expected that they’ll bring in a Valentine treat for their classmate. While there are non-candy alternatives like pencils and stickers, it’s OK to choose a healthy treat like these Yum Earth Organic Gummy Bears as well.

Make sure you choose something that is allergy-safe if you’re sending it into a school environment. I created easy labels on these treat bags using a P-Touch Label Maker.

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  1. I received a lovely selection from NuNaturals which included Dutch cocoa and sugar-free chocolate syrup (with stevia) so that was my chocolate fix. I love cocoa and other chocolate subs, without all the guilt. I've always been more partial to jewelry than chocolates on Valentine's Day too. The jewelry sure lasts a lot longer than the chocolates and you can take it off at the end of the day!
  2. Great suggestions that I should have followed over the Christmas Holiday as well. It's best to go Chocolate-less when just one piece isn't enough.
  3. I'm not big on chocolate anyway so going without chocolate for Valentine's Day would be fine and these are some good suggestions without chocolate.
  4. I'm diabetic as well and I just love this post! Great ideas and suggestions. Precious Moments have been a favorite of mine for so many years. Love seeing them here!

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