Tropical Party Ideas and Invitations for Summer Fun

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Looking for tropical party ideas? If you’re melting in the heat like I am here in Vermont, consider holding a “Welcome to the Tropics” tropical party! Invite friends and family over to hang out in the sweltering heat (or your cool air-conditioned living room) and get into the spirit of this tropical weather.  Of course, you can have a tropical party any time you want to whether that’s February or August.

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These tropical party ideas will work for any type of party whether it's a summer get together or a tropical themed birthday, graduation or anniversary.


Tropical Party Ideas

These tropical party ideas will work for any type of party whether it’s a summer get together or a tropical themed birthday, graduation or anniversary. The key to any party is to keep it simple so you can enjoy the party rather than be stressed out from all the details. Keep the tropical party casual because who wants to work too hard in this heat?  Here are a few suggestions to get started planning your welcome to the tropics party.

fruit smoothies and tropical fruit

Food and drinks

Keep the food cool and casual.  You don’t want to have to turn on the oven in this heat.  Consider offering fruit sorbets, chilled soups, fruit salad, fruit shish kababs, fruit smoothies, and if you absolutely must, haul out the grill and BBQ up some chicken with pineapple sauce. Don’t forget to add in those little paper umbrellas in your drinks for a real tropical feel! These tangerine mimosa mocktails are delicious.

Tropical party invitations

Don’t forget to get some cute tropical invitations to send out to your friends and family to invite them to your welcome to the tropics party! You can search for invitations with tropical themes like these luau party invitations or these tropical bird invitations.

floating candle decorations

Tropical party decorations

Party decorations should be fun and festive.  Look for bright tropical colors like orange, yellow and bright green. Not sure what to wear?  How about leis, grass skirts,  Hawaiian shirts and straw hats for a dress code.  Other suggestions for themed items would be seashells, rocks, coconuts, surfboards, palm trees, tiki torches, parrots, and monkeys.

Tropical party music

It wouldn’t be a tropical party without music from The Beach Boys but any Hawaiian music would work as well. Not your style? How about Welcome to the Jungle by Guns ‘n Roses instead? Or, if you’re planning the party for children, you could include music from Little Mermaid instead.

Tropical party games

What’s a party without party games? Ideally, you’ll be able to jump in the pool or head to the beach for your tropical party. If not, you can still try games like musical limbo, pineapple bowling, or hula hoop. If you’re having a tropical party for kids, you can do a bean bag toss, a pineapple ring toss or even a pin the tail on the mermaid.

What other ideas do you have for a tropical party?

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