How Touch Faucets Stop The Messes

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I’m sharing how touch faucets stop the messes in my home as part of a sponsored campaign with Glam Media and Delta.  You know how much I hate messes in the kitchen so I couldn’t resist this opportunity.   The kitchen is the center of our home.  It is the first place guests see when they stop by.  It’s where we all leave and enter the house each day. It ends up being the place the kids drop their backpacks and where we go to wash up after playing or working outside.

Of course, the kitchen is also where we make meals and eat dinner.  I do all of my crafts at the kitchen table and a good majority of my photography for my blog.  Depending on what’s happening that day, the kitchen sink may contain dishes, paint brushes, eggs from the hen house that need to be washed, vegetables from the garden or my son’s mouth guard and water bottle from football practice.  I often arrive at the kitchen sink with my hands full or covered in paint, dirt or some other mess. The last thing I want to do is to grab the kitchen faucet handle and get the kitchen any messier than it already is.

touch faucets

How Touch Faucets Stop The Messes

With one of the Delta Touch20 Technology touch faucets, messy hands are not a problem. All you need to do is to touch the faucet with any part of your hand (that isn’t dirty) and the water comes on.  Then you can wash your hands, get them clean and with another touch of your hand, the water stops.  You can touch the faucet spout, handle or sprayer wand and it will turn the water off and on. Not only is this much more convenient for me, it will help to save water too.

touch faucets

The spray hose comes out of the faucet  instead of taking up extra room to the side of the sink.    It can be adjusted to spray like a hose or with a constant stream of water like a standard faucet.

touch faucets


touch faucets

I also appreciate that the faucet in the Delta Touch20 Technology touch faucet I chose (Linden) has a higher clearance than my previous faucet. That means I can fit my water bath canner and the bucket we use to water the ducks and chickens underneath the faucet instead of having to fill it up in the bathtub.  The hose attached to the sprayer is 54″ long which is a fantastic length and allows me much more flexibility than the hose I had previously.  It has Multi-Flow™ that delivers both 1.5 gpm stream and spray settings for water efficiency and 2.0 gpm stream setting for high performance.  We get much better water flow with this faucet than our old one.

You can check out the Delta Touch20 Technology in action in this video.


We’re not ready to do a whole kitchen remodel but adding a new faucet gave us better functionality and takes us one step closer to the kitchen we’re dreaming of. Plus, the style and the finish of our new faucet goes with our existing kitchen perfectly. Did you know I changed the faucet all by myself?

Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at

old faucet touch faucets

Bye old faucet!


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  1. I have wanted one of these bad! Hate touching faucet with dirty hands, because then I have to clean it. This may be a dumb question, but is there a power source that makes the faucet react to your touch?
    • Ellen Christian says
      Hi Laura - Not a dumb question at all. There are batteries that attach to the motor under the sink.  You can turn the faucet on the regular way too if you like.
      • Oh okay! I'm relieved that it's batteries so that is much easier to install. I had no idea you could use the normal way too...awesome! I need one of these.
  2. Joyce@MommyTalkShow says
    We're buying a home early next year and I'd love a faucet like this. Looks amazing!
  3. I love that faucet.  I don't know why all the standard faucets are so low it does make it hard to get certain items in the sink to collect water.  Plus I like that you can do this yourself and you don't have to have a handy man come out and do it for you.
  4. A new faucet can REALLY change the look of your kitchen! Yours looks wonderful!
  5. This would really come in handy with messes from cooking! And it really is a very attractive faucet!
  6. Michelle Cantu says
    I love that the head is the spray hose  we have a separate hose but it is not as nice as this. and is rounded for more room.  I struggle getting my mop bucket in our sink.  
  7. LOL, your old faucet looks like mine, so you know I really need to update. Love Delta, I have heard nothing but great things about their faucets. Love the new one looks very classy and I like how you were able to install it yourself!
  8. I want a touch faucet so BAD!! My boys are to short to reach the handle on our faucet and so they manage to turn it on using a dirty fork but can't get it turned back off. So now I have water running for who knows how long and dried food on the handle...yuck!
  9. We're just getting ready to re-do the kitchen and I hadn't even considered the touch faucet. I've added it to the list.

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