Tips to Stay Fresh All Day

I generally tend to multi-task pretty well.  It’s not uncommon to find me watching the news, writing a blog post, talking to a client on the phone and making dinner at the same time. Multi-tasking just sort of comes with the title “mom” and all the joy that comes along with it.  There are a few times of year that the stress tends to get to me:  back to school time and the holidays.  Those are the two seasons that multiply my stress level by about fifteen.  Not only do I need to handle the normal family/work responsibilities, I now need to somehow juggle meetings, shopping, school activities and a bunch of other stuff I’d rather not deal with.

Tips to stay fresh all day

Tips to Stay Fresh All Day

When I received an email asking if it was OK to send me a back to school mailer, I figured maybe there would be a magic potion in there that would teach me some tips to stay fresh all day even during back to school time! It turns out that I was right.  When I received these products for a feature on my site, I knew I had to share a few tips to stay fresh all day even during the most hectic time of year:

  • Don’t leave home unless you’re at your best. I know it’s tempting to run out quickly in your yoga pants with your hair up in a messy ponytail. I guarantee that is the one time you will run into your child’s teacher or your ex-boyfriend’s fiancee. Take a minute to pay attention to how you look before you head out. Brush your teeth. Gargle with Scope Dual Blast Mouthwash for fresh breath and put on a coat of CoverGirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm.  My pick is Ballet Twist which is a super soft pink.
  • Don’t get sick and if you do, be prepared. I hate getting sick. It never fails that I get sick when I have too many things that I need to deal with. When you’re out in public at the height of cold/flu season, use hand sanitizer after touching things that a lot of other people touch.  I take Vitamin C as soon as I feel the sniffles coming on.  Keep a pocket pack of tissues with you at all time.  You never know when you’ll need them.
  • Don’t get caught in the sun without protection.  There is NOTHING that ruins a day more than getting a sunburn. I tend to burn the most on my nose so I make sure I remember to use a day lotion with sunscreen every day like Olay Age Defying Sensitive Skin Day Lotion with Sunscreen. No more Rudolph nose for me.
  • Keep your clothes in tip top shape. There is nothing worse than getting ready to go into a business meeting or another important event only to look down and realize your hem is torn, you’ve lost a button, or that sandwich you ate for lunch has stained your shirt. Make sure you keep a sewing kit and a Tide To Go Stain Stick in your bag at all times.
  • Be ready for those “little emergencies”. You know there are certain times of the month where you just don’t feel fresh.  Always Incredibly Thin Daily Liners keep you feeling fresh and confident all day long no matter what you have to tackle that afternoon. They are slim & stylish and small enough to toss a whole pack of twenty in your bag just in case.

Tips to Stay Fresh All Day

Always® Incredibly Thin™ panty liners are thin and comfortable enough to wear every day.  They are designed with a breathable layer that helps keep moisture away.  They feature an edge-to-edge adhesive that helps to keep the pantiliner from shifting.  They are wrapped to be slim, stylish and on-the-go.


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  1. this EXTexan is all all all about your sunscreen tip. Still.
  2. I just found out i have a lot in common with a total stranger including our favored lip gloss, life stresses and choice of feminine products. Maybe we're not as all different as we thought ;) 
  3. Let me tell you that you are right about leaving the house w/out being a mess. I took my son on a run on Sunday and was a complete mess - my hair in a bun, a head band, mismatch workout clothes. When we ran past the park, I realized that it was the HOA Halloween party. Of course, my son wanted to go, so I had to go looking a mess. Eeek!
  4. Matthew's Mom says:
    You are right that being ready is important! I also keep that-time-of-month supplies in my purse and diaper bag just in case I need them. It has been handy several times.
  5. I agree with you so much on your philosophy of not leaving home unless you are at your best. I use to do that and always ended up feeling bad about myself. I now just take the time and it is amazing the difference it makes in my over all attitude. I also purchase these day liners to continue feeling fresh through the day.Thanks for the tips.
  6. Yes being ready is so super important! And the sunscreen tip is also a big help.
  7. Great tips! I have been trying to get better at this. You are right --- leaving the house a hot mess guarantees a huge reunion!
  8. I love your tip about don't get sick! That is my new theme. :)
  9. Those tips are right on. I have already been embarrassed once this school year having to walk all the way into school in PJ's and no makeup, not even brushed hair. Now I make sure to at least get dressed before we head out the door.
  10. I totally agree with your tips, and I especially subscribe to being prepared for little emergencies. I learned from my mom that liners aren't just for that time of the month. ;)
  11. So important to be prepared for anything! You never know where your day will lead you! 
  12. Great tips. I haven't been out in public without my makeup since I was 13. That's a good thing (or bad thing) considering I'm 48 yo.
  13. It's always good to be prepared, and I love your tips. You would laugh if you saw inside my bag, but all this stuff comes in handy at some point.
  14. So true! It seems you always run into everyone when you look a hot mess. Must be prepared!!
  15. The times I run out looking slouchy are always the times I see people I don't want to see. Those are great tips!
  16. I really like the not having to worrying about anything with that extra peace of mind in feeling protected!
  17. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Thanks for sharing such great tips! Even if I am in a rush, I still make time to add a little blush and lip stick.  It is a amazing how this can make you look so much better.
  19. Every time I leave the house a mess, I always run into everyone I know, usually who I haven't seen i forever.
  20. Not getting caught in the sun without protection is a huge one.  I'm fair and freckled so I try to stay out of the sun whenever possible.
  21. Oh I bet you could add 1 more thing to juggle and still only break a tiny sweat!! LOL Awesome tips!!
  22. Murphy's Law, right? I can't count the number of times I've sat at home in spotless house and pretty dress and don't see a soul all day. But that day when there are dirty dishes in the sink and I haven't changed out of my PJs? OF COURSE that is the day when everyone comes over! Great tips and PS, I am drinking Airborne tea right now to ward off the sicks.
  23. These are great tips! I have a little emergency pouch I keep with me at all times that has all sorts of little things like pads, gloss, wipes, etc. Never know when you will need them!
  24. Whitney @ It's Gravy, Baby! says:
    Fabulous post. I know I feel better when I'm looking my best, but that doesn't always happen with little ones and I think that's okay too.

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