How to Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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Have you ever wondered why you keeping getting urinary tract infections (UTIs) and how to prevent them? At 52, I’ve had my share of UTIs and I’ve educated my daughter on the steps she should take to try to prevent them as well. No matter how committed we are, behavioral and lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough to help prevent UTIs, and the pain and burning that go along with them. And, we all know too many antibiotics are just not safe.

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How to Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

How to Prevent a UTI

At 52, I am firmly in the middle of menopause. That means gray hair, fine lines, hot flashes, and yes, it can mean an increased risk of urinary tract infections. UTIs don’t discriminate.

No one knows why one person is more likely to get a UTI than another. Lifestyle and behavioral changes are important, but alone may not be enough for some women to prevent recurrent UTIs.

That’s why I wanted to learn more a medical-grade supplement that helps to reduce UTIs in women. I wish I knew about this sooner. (Note: new customers receive 50% off their first 30-count box with code ELLEN only online at, but read more below).

UTIs are actually very common among perimenopausal or menopausal women, with more than half (53%) of women over 55 experiencing recurrent UTIs (at least three UTIs over 12 months).

At this stage in life, women are more susceptible to UTIs because a decrease in estrogen production leads to changes in the urinary tract that make it more vulnerable to infection.

When I was younger, the only thing to do when you got a UTI was to get an antibiotic. But, with all of the concerns about antibiotic usage today, all the side effects and many antibiotics being weaker than the bacteria, that’s not an option many women want to take.

There are steps you can take that may lessen the chance that you’ll get a UTI:

Pee after sex to prevent UTIs

Don’t hold it especially after intimacy. When you “need to go” you need to go. Don’t hold it in which may cause a urinary tract infection.

It’s very important to empty your bladder and wash up after intimacy. There are just too many risks in taking a low-dose antibiotic regularly after sex, so that’s not ideal.

Drinking water to prevent UTIs

Drinking lots of water is always a good idea. It helps flush bacteria from you’re the urinary tract.

How to Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)
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Lifestyle changes to help prevent UTI

Bacteria breeds in damp, hot conditions. Keeping it dry “down there” will help inhibit the growth of bacteria. This can be especially difficult in the summer when we tend to perspire.

You can wear a liner to help with dryness and remember to change out of your damp swimsuit when you’re done swimming.

Wipe from front to back. This is one of the first health tips I shared with my daughter when she entered puberty and it’s just as true today as it was then. Wiping front to back helps keep bacteria away.

Using feminine products that have added fragrance can cause irritation and a UTI in many women. Instead, wash regularly to keep odor away and stick to unscented products.

How to Prevent a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

When what your doing isn’t enough to stop UTIs

No matter how committed we are, behavioral and lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough to help prevent UTIs in women.

ellura® is a medical-grade supplement whose formula paved the way for researchers to identify the natural, bioactive PAC (proanthocyanidins) ingredient from cranberries responsible for preventing UTI-causing bacteria from attaching to the bladder (the first step in a UTI’s life) and its role in UTI prevention.

We have all heard cranberries may help with UTIs, but it’s not the cranberry itself that prevents UTIs, but these natural PAC compounds deep inside and you need at least 36 mg of this PAC.

The 36 mg PAC in ellura can only be sourced/extracted from the pure juice concentrate of cranberry to get enough of what’s needed. Only ellura has 36 mg PAC with the highest potency that offers women UTI protection. Note: most supplements in your local grocery store/pharmacy have less than 5 mg and most do not even include the PAC ingredient on their labels.

ellura protects against E. coli and a host of other bacteria, especially common in post-menopausal women that develop recurrent UTIs. Regular cranberry supplements just don’t give you what you need to help prevent a UTI and they have a lot of sugar and ingredients you may not need

And, ellura is a proven effective non-antibiotic alternative for UTI prevention, without the side effects or bacterial resistance from antibiotics. It was started by doctors and has made a difference for so many women who suffer from UTIs. There is a lot of science and research behind this and a lot of the women reading this may already have a great success story to share!

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