Computer Preparation for Storm Season

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When you rely on technology as much as we do, computer preparation for storm season is vital. I work online so my computer is my livelihood. Computer damage can be costly and it can involve a trip to the city for repairs. Being prepared can help make storm season as stress-free as possible.

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Computer Preparation for Storm Season: What to Do


Computer Preparation for Storm Season

Storm season means something different for everyone. Whether you’re expecting a hurricane, a tornado, or a snowstorm, these tips will help you be prepared when the power goes out. In Vermont, we have snow and ice storms, the occasional flood, high winds, and occasionally get hit by the edge of a hurricane. All of these things can result in loss of power and damage to our electronics.

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How do you prepare for a storm season?

Of course, there’s a lot to do to prepare for a storm season from stocking up on food to refilling prescriptions. But, when it comes to computer preparation for storm season, it’s important to include protecting your electronics. 

Make sure that your homeowner’s policy is up to date. If there is damage to your home or your computer, you want to be certain you can be reimbursed for the maximum value. If you rent rather than own, make sure that you have a renter’s policy in place. And, if it’s available to you, look into flood insurance. Be sure that you have recorded the models and serial numbers of all of your electronic devices.

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Always stay charged. During storm season, keep all of your technology charged at all times. You never know when a storm will appear suddenly. Keep an extra charger in the car in case you lose power to your home.

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It may be worth investing in a solar charger for long term charging after the storm. Be sure that if you need to evacuate you have something to carry your tech in. A laptop bag is a great option. Here are a few tips on choosing one. To be certain your cell phone lasts as long as possible, invest in a power pack for your phone. We all have Mophie Juice Packs for our phones. Remember, computer preparation for storm season should include all your tech devices.

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How can you protect your computer during a hurricane?

Backup your files. Backup any important files to a flash drive, independent hard disk, or cloud storage system. If you’re concerned about physical damage to your home where a flash drive or hard disk might be damaged, it makes the most sense to do a cloud backup. Investing in a battery backup system will give you enough time to save your files and power down in the event of a power outage.

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Invest in a surge protector. While a surge protector probably won’t protect your computer from a direct lightning strike, it can protect you from data loss due to power fluctuations. If your surge protector does take a hit, be certain to replace it. We’ve used a Tripp Lite for years and it always works. When a storm is approaching, disconnect all electrical devices: computers, printers, external drives, and modems.

Computer Preparation for Storm Season: What to Do Now

Is it dangerous to use your computer in a thunderstorm?

We power down when I hear more than a tiny rumble of thunder. While a surge protector will protect your computer in case the power surges, it still makes sense to be careful. Even with a surge protector, your computer can be damaged if it’s on during a storm. Power down, disconnect and find something else to do.

Computer preparation for storm season

Will a power strip protect my computer?

No. A power strip is simply a long collection of outlets for convenience. It won’t protect your computer from a power surge at all. Now, there are some power strips with built-in surge protection. It’s important to read the label carefully to understand what yours will do. When you’re planning computer preparation for storm season, you want to be sure you are fully protected.

Computer preparation for storm season

Computer preparation for storm season today

Nothing can protect your computer and other tech devices from a severe natural disaster. But, taking steps for computer preparation for storm season will ensure that you’ve done everything possible to protect yourself. Begin your storm preparation long before the storm actually arrives at your home.

While you do have power, be certain to track the progress of the storm. It’s important to know where it is so you can stay out of its path whenever possible. You can sign up for emergency alerts on your cell phone or via email to be sure you’re notified.

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    • Hey Janet - I have watched a lot of shows about that as well. From my standpoint, I am not sure how a Faraday cage would help me. Unless there is internet after an EMP, a computer would be relatively useless for me personally. Even if I managed to protect the computer during the EMP, I'd have no use for it. Now, if I were a tech person of some sort, I could probably use it to get things running again once it was available. But, for me personally, a faraday cage wouldn't be helpful. But, if you find a way to keep the internet on, I'd love to hear it!
  1. We've been dealing with earthquakes near LA lately, 6.4 on Independence Day, 7.1 the next day and was awakened to a 4.9 magnitude yesterday. When I'm done using my laptop, I do the same thing every time, unplug it and place a small blanket over it after closing, so it's at least a little protected from stuff falling. My bedroom lamp almost tipped over in the 7.1 so I secured that better! Your post has great tips and hope the flood victims are prepared and stay safe this weekend.
    • Oh, that is scary! We have only had one earthquake here but it was very small compared to what you have over there. Glad you enjoyed my tips. Natural disasters of all sorts are scary!

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