Tips for Arranging Flowers that are Tastefully Crafted

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Today I’m sharing tips for arranging flowers with you because I really love having fresh flowers in the house. Several years ago, when Marty and I were considering having a farmstand, I took a flower arranging class online in case we considered selling bouquets of our flowers. That plan never took off but it did leave me with a passion for fresh flowers.  This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Mountain Gringo all-natural chips and salsa.

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Tips for Arranging Flowers

Tips for Arranging Flowers

Sure, you can just take the flowers and stick them in the water; but, where’s the art in that? I love choosing different flowers for my arrangements and figuring out which ones compliment each other. Which flowers you choose and how you display them will depend on your personal style and the reason for your bouquet.

Complimentary colors

Choose complimentary colors. You don’t need all yellow flowers or all pink flowers to make a gorgeous bouquet. How about some yellow flowers, some white flowers with yellow centers and a few pops of small orange flowers for visual interest?

Use different shades

Choose different shades of colors. How about bright orange and pale orange or hot pink and baby pink.

Different flowers

Select different types of flowers. I’m not a fan of bouquets that are all the same flower. I am more likely to choose a rose, a few chrysanthemum, a handful of Gerbera daisy and some greenery instead.

Outside the box

Don’t just stick to flowers. You can add fronds, grasses, pussy willow or even corn stalks to your flower arrangement.

Tips for Arranging Flowers

Season choices

Consider adding some seasonal interest. Place a few small pine cones in the display or a few sprigs of holly in a Christmas bouquet.

Creative containers

Get creative with the container. You don’t always have to use a vase. A rustic arrangement looks great in a mason jar or even a tin can. Smaller flowers can float in a bowl. Place the vase inside a tall basket or wrap with raffia.

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Floral tape tip

If the flower stems are not sturdy, consider adding some floral tape to hold the flowers together.

Feed me

If you have plant food, add it to the water to help your arrangement look good as long as possible. If you don’t a teaspoon of household bleach will work as well.

Proper care

If you purchased the flowers from the store, always snip the stems before you place them in the water so there is a fresh cut. You’ll find it easiest to use floral scissors to do this. Remove any leaves that will be below the water level. Leaves left below the water level will rot and that will make your arrangement die sooner.

Tips for Arranging Flowers

Around the edge

Work with a single type of flower at a time and work your way around the outer edge of the container. Turn the arrangement as you work to be certain it is full on all sides. Just continue to add flowers until the vase is full. Be certain the tallest flowers are in the center of the container and any that may have floppy leaves are on the outside.

Tips for Arranging Flowers

Following these tips for arranging flowers will let you create a bouquet that is truly tastefully crafted.

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