15 Easy Ways to Get Active with your Kids

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Getting active is important not only for you but for your kids. When I was younger and school was over for the day, I spent my day outside rollerskating, playing baseball and running around the neighborhood with my friends. Unless it was pouring outside, you wouldn’t find me inside. It’s different with today’s kids. There are so many more things to do inside than when I was younger.  There are game systems and computers and all sorts of technology that encourages kids to sit. Of course, that technology encourages me to sit as well. This post has been sponsored by Quaker and The Motherhood.

15 Easy Ways to Get Active with your Kids #QuakerPlayMaker

15 Easy Ways to Get Active with your Kids

I know I’m not as active as I was when I was younger. Even after working all day, you will probably find me playing games on my iPhone much more than I should. There are easy ways to get active with your kids that I really need to work on more often while the weather is nice. Getting outside and getting active with the kids will help us both get healthy and give us time to bond together. That’s not an easy thing to do some days.

  • Go for a walk. Whether you are pushing your child along in a stroller or walking next to your teenager as they sing to the latest music, walking is something that’s easy for the whole family.
  • Rake leaves and then jump in them.  If the kids are old enough to rake along with you even better, otherwise rake them yourself and let the kids jump in them.
  • Throw a frisbee. Toss the frisbee back and forth with your child. You don’t have to be good at it. Just get out there. Throw, chase and repeat. If you have a dog, include him in the fun.
  • Bring back those classics from your childhood. How about jump rope or hopscotch?
  • Hoola Hoop. Great way to work off those extra inches on your hips and fun too!
  • Go rock climbing. Even in bad weather, you can head to an indoor rock climbing center.
  • Ride your bikes. Younger children can be towed along in a bike trailer.
  • Dance. Let them choose the music and dance with your kids. Or if you have it, put on one of the interactive dancing games on your game system.
  • Go geocaching.  It’s all the fun of a treasure hunt combined with walking and hiking.
  • Fly a kite.  Even better, make the kite and then go fly it!
  • Go swimming. In the nice weather you can head to the beach but a local indoor pool works well even in the winter.
  • Go to the playground and swing on the swings or climb on the jungle gym. Be a kid again for a few hours.
  • Shoot some hoops with your child.  I almost never make a basket but I have fun trying.
  • Join an exercise class together.  There are some great mom and me yoga classes for younger kids.
  • Play golf.  Even young children can enjoy a game of mini golf!

It’s important that we get outside and get active with our kids every day. Physical activity, in combination with good nutrition, is essential to a healthy lifestyle for children and adults. Play is fun and easy! Whether its flag football with friends, active brain breaks at school, a game of tag in the backyard with your family or organized sports – the ways to play are endless. This fall, Quaker is joining forces with Fuel Up to Play 60 and the NFL to launch the For the Love of Play campaign to help fuel healthy families and encourage them to get active for 60 minutes of play a day.

Now through December 1, 2014, you can visit QuakerMakethePlay.com to share the unique way that your family plays for a chance to win a grand prize “Day of Play” in your hometown with Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck, plus daily giveaways for a $50 NFLShop.com online gift card.

One of my readers will win a Quaker gift pack that will feature a variety of items perfect for active families, including:

  • An LED Light-Up Frisbee perfect for playtime outdoors with the whole family
  • A Mini Football for kids to enjoy team games
  • A Stopwatch to time fun activities and ensure your family gets 60 minutes of play per day
  • A set of Mini-Desk Cones for families to create their own games or relay races
  • A handy sports bag to stay organized while keeping active
  • Total giveaway value is approximately $46

Quaker is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me. This program is not administered or sponsored by Quaker or its affiliates, but solely by Confessions of an Overworked Mom.

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  1. We play by riding our ATV's on the mountain trails and going geocaching in the areas.  Fun times with family! :)
  2. We love taking our bikes to our town bike path and we love playing soccer and dodge ball together!
  3. Heather Hayes Panjon says
    My Family Enjoy Bike Rides, Volleyball, Soccer And Trips To The Park!
  4. We love playing with our dogs (they love to play frisbee & fetch!), ridi9ng bikes, & playing catch or soccer. 
  5. We play a lot at the pool:  Monkey in the Middle, Pennies and Tag
  6. we play at the park.
  7. We play tag and ride our bikes together.
  8. we play hide and seek and go to the park
  9. We play by walking the trails at a local park!
  10. We like to play ball in our yard and ride bikes.
  11. We play board games together a lot in addition to watching some TV shows and movies as a family.
  12. Right now we enjoy hiking and taking walks around town :) 

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