30+ Amazingly Sweet Things To Do With Honey

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Looking for things to do with honey? When I was younger, my Great Uncle lived in New Hampshire and had his own bee hives. I was always fascinated by those buzzing hives, but I made sure to stay far away. I remember that he had to have an electric fence around them to keep the bears away. He always had plenty of fresh, raw honey to put on our toast in the morning. Different types of honey have a different taste depending on what type of flowers the bees in the hive draw pollen from. His tended to prefer red clover which is the state flower of Vermont.

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30+ Amazingly Sweet Things To Do With Honey


Things to Do With Honey

I’m not a fan of traditional white sugar. I would much rather use a less processed sweetener like maple syrup or honey.  I generally think of cooking when I think of honey but there are a number of different beauty product crafts that you can make as well. Of course, if you also have beeswax, you can create candles as well.

Recipes Using Honey

Crafts Using Honey

Other Ways to Use Honey

Learn more about the honey bee disappearance and how you can help and take a look behind the scenes at an organic honey beekeeper.

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  1. I think I have a complete list of all possible honey uses with the tons of free Kindle eBooks I regularly snag! Just this morning I was reading about using honey as a cover for wounds. Coconut oil is also good for wound cover in a pinch, they said.
  2. Some great suggestions. I'm anxious to try the recipe you posted for salmon. We love salmon on the grill and I love honey... perfect combo.
  3. I love making when I can , whether it be crafts or recipes. I've been making a lot more of my beauty products at home too. Honey is an awesome ingredient for that.
  4. Honey is such a great natural sweetener. I never really thought about using if for beauty products. I'll be checking through your list of recipes and crafts.

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