How to Recover After a Health Setback

Last Updated on September 23, 2020 by Ellen Christian

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Are you concerned about how to recover after a health setback? Have you noticed that as you get older it takes you longer to recover than it did when you were younger? I’ll be 50 in just a few months and as much as I try to stay healthy, I’ve noticed that I don’t have the strength I did when I was younger. I’ve lost some muscle mass which isn’t unusual as you age. I’m also managing chronic asthma and an immune system disorder which will probably continue to impact how quickly I recover from illnesses in the future.

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How to Recover After a Health Setback

I’m trying to age healthy and I’ve really been working on making this a focus over the past year. I try to eat well and move daily. Twice a day, I take long walks in the woods to not only manage stress but also to keep moving and keep my weight in check. I take care of our garden and our ducks and chickens. I’ll be adding in some basic upper body weight training to help combat the loss of muscle that comes with aging. I’m also trying to be more aware of how much protein I get each day. Getting enough protein each day means keeping your muscles healthy which can help you recover more quickly from an illness or injury.

As people age, they naturally lose muscle – starting at age 40, adults can lose up to 8 percent of their muscle mass each decade. Muscle loss can increase even more in adults who are sick or have a chronic disease. As more than 60 percent of adults 65 years or older have two or more chronic conditions, staying healthy and active becomes even more necessary.

Abbott, the makers of Ensure, and AARP recently asked people over 50 about their health and found that while a majority see themselves in good or better health, nearly half wish they had more strength and energy to do the things they love. One in two reported that they wished they had more strength or energy to participate in activities they enjoy. When it came to the health of their muscles, nearly three-quarters knew that adults naturally lose muscle with age, and 28% said they had already noticed muscle loss.

I was surprised to learn that 62% of adults believed they get enough protein, and 70% have increased their intake of high-protein foods to minimize the risk of muscle loss. Only 17% said they knew 53 grams of protein is the recommended daily amount they need. While people should speak to their doctor about determining their nutrition plans, one of the easiest ways to increase the amount of protein you get on a daily basis is to add a nutrition drink to your diet based on your needs.

How to recover after a health setback

Ensure Enlive is a new nutrition drink that I just discovered to help me live the best and healthiest life possible, even if I’m recovering from a health setback. Ensure Enlive contains a high amount of protein (20 grams) and the unique ingredient HMB, which work together to help rebuild muscles. Plus, it has antioxidants like vitamins C, E and selenium to support immune function which is important to me. I don’t want to have to slow down after 50. I have so much more that I want to discover and enjoy on my morning walks in the woods.

How to Recover After a Health Setback

Visit the Ensure Enlive site for more information on how getting the right nutrition and exercise can give adults 50+ the strength and energy to continue doing the things they love. I’ll be sharing how it helps me stay active through the summer by walking, gardening, and visiting local nature attractions. I’ll be sharing more with you this summer.

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