Teaching Teens Manners: Is It A Lost Cause?

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Ellen Christian

Is teaching teens manners a lost cause? I’m beginning to think so. It’s not like I didn’t teach them these skills when they were younger.

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I think that they’ve just forgotten over the years. I decided that before they move out completely, we needed to have a discussion about manners and etiquette. I think they need a refresh in dinner table etiquette.

Teaching Teens Manners: Is It A Lost Cause?

Teaching Teens Manners

While a lot has changed when it comes to parenting since my children were small, basic manners are still important. The first thing I did was gather everyone together in the kitchen to talk. I decided that leading by example was probably the easiest step so I served coffee cake and coffee. I overlooked the fact that there were cell phones at the table. With today’s kids, it’s hard to break that bond with technology. I did mention that if they were invited to someone’s home or out to eat where there were older adults, they should keep their phones off and away.

Be Honest

Honesty is really the best policy when it comes to teens so I just came right out and told them their manners were lacking. I reminded them that manners weren’t just for Grandma and Grandpa. Manners and etiquette were important at home, with their friends, and with each other. It’s not difficult to say excuse me or thank you or please.

The Basics

I reminded them that they should treat other people the way they want to be treated. Asking before borrowing is always important. And, returning something where it belongs when you’re done with it isn’t optional. It’s what they would want someone to do for them so it’s something they should do for others.

Teaching Teens Manners: Is It A Lost Cause?

Be Positive

One of the toughest topics we discussed was keeping negative thoughts to themselves. It seems like everyone feels they should be able to state their thoughts in any situation. But, it’s not always appreciated. When Grandma serves Thanksgiving dinner and there are lima beans on your plate, eat them. You don’t need to share that you’d rather eat cake than lima beans.

A Disconnect

Knowing when and how to say “Thank You” isn’t as easy as it seems. People don’t connect being invited to someone’s home or doing something special at work with showing appreciation afterward. People are often not sure what sort of “Thank You” gift is appropriate or when it is.

As Emily Post often mentioned: “It’s a very nice gesture to bring a small gift.  Wine, flowers, and specialty food items, all make good gifts.”

Teaching Teens Manners: Is It A Lost Cause?

Say Thank You

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Teaching Teens Manners: Is It A Lost Cause?

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Teaching kids manners is a lot easier when you have an honest discussion with some delicious Boston Coffee Cake.

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