How to Talk About Bullying to Kids & an Anti-Bullying Craft

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One of the first difficult conversations I had with my children was about bullying.  This post on how to talk about bullying to kids was inspired by material provided to me as a Netflix Stream Team member but all the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I don’t know why some kids bully other kids. I don’t have all of the answers or solutions to eliminating this horrible problem. What I can share with you is how important talking to your child about bullying is.

How to Talk About Bullying to Kids  Anti-bullying craft

How to Talk About Bullying to Kids

Ideally, you should talk to your child about bullying before they are bullied or before they bully someone else.  Teach them to accept people even when they are different.  Teach them to be kind and care about how other people feel.  The most important thing is to simply get that conversation started. I know it’s not an easy subject to bring up.  Believe me, it’s easier to discuss with them before the problem happens.

Both of my children were bullied at school.  Both were just “different” enough from the other kids that they were picked on.  My kids are 16 and 20 now.  Bullying wasn’t really as common a topic as it is today.  Now, October is National Bullying Prevention Month and there are assemblies and activities all over to encourage people to talk about this problem.

There are 11 movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix that help encourage a conversation with kids of all ages. Parents of teens and tweens can leverage Netflix titles that address bullying head-on, while those with younger children can demonstrate the importance of standing up for others using superheroes to show there is a hero in every one of us.

How to Talk About Bullying to Kids

Movies for Big Kids:

  1. Bully
  2. The War
  3. Billy  Elliott
  4. The Fat Boy Chronicles
  5. Cyber Bully

Movies for Little Kids:

  1. Hercules
  2. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  3. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
  4. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
  5. Justice League Unlimited
  6. Ben 10: Alien Force

 Anti-Bullying Craft


  • Tote bag
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Sharpies (I used Neon Sharpies)
  • Eye dropper
  • Stencils and white paper to draw stencils on
  • Straight pins


  • Using a stencil write out the words of your anti-bullying slogan
  • Attach them to your tote bag with straight pins

How to Talk About Bullying to Kids  Anti-bullying craft

  • Place a piece of cardboard inside the tote bag so the Sharpies don’t bleed onto the other side.
  • Using Sharpies draw small designs, circles, shapes, flowers, etc. Be careful not to get too close to your stencils.

How to Talk About Bullying to Kids  Anti-bullying craft

  • Using an eye dropper, drop little drops of isopropyl alcohol onto your marker design. Use the tip of the eye dropper to push the marker ink around to spread it.
  • Allow the isopropyl alcohol to dry.

How to Talk About Bullying to Kids  Anti-bullying craft

  • Remove the stencils and draw your letters.  Color them in.
  • Let it dry completely before you use it.

How to Talk About Bullying to Kids  Anti-bullying craft


If you have teens that are actively involved in social media, I highly recommend you watch the movie Cyberbully.  It addresses the issue well in a movie that teenagers should be able to related to.  It’s an ABC Family Original Movie that is rated TV-14.

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  1. That is such a great idea. I talk to my daughter often about bullying, from both angles. Thanks for the info!
  2. Maria Bravo says
    My 6 year old had a few days last year where her classmates made fun of her and made her feel really bad about herself. She was only 5 years old! Though it wasn't quite bullying, it is the beginning of it and her father and I had to sit and talk to her about it. It was a difficult time all around. I have been a Netflix subscriber since the beginning of time and I will have to put a few of those movies on queue for her. I loved the craft too, where did you get the bag?
    • Ellen Christian says
      It's such an awful thing to have happen to anyone let alone a child. I got the bag at Michaels. It was $2.99.
  3. Savannah miller says
    My little guy started Kindergarten this year and he kinda small for his age I'm so scared he will be a bulling victim :/.  Thank you for sharing these movies I think I will watch Hercules with him and have a nice talk with him about bullying and what to do if he thinks someone is being mean to him :)
  4. Renee @ Made By Renee says
    nice craft and a great lesson!
  5. Luckily my son, a 5th grader this year, hasn't experienced bullying, but it is such a concern in our local middle schools that we are not sending him to a public middle school. Cute craft. Thanks for sharing the movies, too!
  6. This is a great message! so important! Thanks for sharing the tips! 
  7. Unfortunately bullying is an all too real problem with school aged children these days. It's awesome that you're taking the tiime to talk to your kids about it in such a positive way!
  8. My 14-yr old daughter has been bullied, and it's just no fun at all.  I'm glad there's intervention and attention for it that is becoming more and more prevalent.  I'm sorry you had to go through it with your children too.
  9. Shannon (The Mommy-Files) says
    This is a great idea!  My son is currently dealing with bullies at school and it is so maddening because I feel like there is so little I can do.  Thanks for sharing.
  10. Lisa Weidknecht says
    What a great idea. It's so sad to see kids hurt by other kids.
  11. I really like the bag. As for the movies, Bully is a great one. We saw it in the theater and it pulled at my heart. Those poor kids.
  12. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says
    I hate bullying. I was bullied and it's just so awful. Great idea for doing something together to facilitate a talk about such an important subject.
  13. love your idea on talking to kids about bullying very creative! 
  14. Grace Hodgin says
    We have had issues in the past with my grandson and bullies but with enough tips and techniques we seem to have exterminated them from his life. I love they have movies to help bring awareness to this.
  15. my kids are both in middle school now and bullying is really a big issue at this age. Thanks for the movie recommendations!
  16. Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade says
    Bullying is such a problem these days online and in schools.
  17. Myrah - Coupon Mamacita says
    Definitely going to watch the movie. This is such an important topic amongst all of us.


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